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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4314 Free Novel

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Marshal nodded: “It is also the same reason, but the old man himself felt that this was already a big concession,”

“The other side should not have any objections at this time,”

“But my brother-in-law also felt that this was a matter of principle and could not be compromised,”

“So the two sides had not been able to resolve the differences.”

Duncan nodded slightly, silent for a moment, opened his mouth, and asked:

“Hey yes, I remember your sister had a son,”

“Once she brought the child back to see the old lady, I also met him, how is the child now?”

Marshal slightly stunned, then sighed, with melancholy, he said: “After my sister and brother-in-law’s accident,”

“My nephew disappeared, so many years, for many people looked for him,”

“There had been a little clue, you do not see the old man never spoke about it,”

“In fact, these twenty years we have not stopped looking.”

He paused briefly, and then said, “My sister’s accident that year,”

“The old man engaged in a special trust fund in JPMorgan Bank, put a billion dollars into it every year;”

“This money was to be used for two purposes,”

“One is dedicated to finding that nephew of mine,”

“And the other is to give him the rest of the money after finding him;”

“This is not, twenty years have passed, in the form of principal invested a total of twenty billion dollars,”

“Twenty years to hire multiple teams to find the nephew around the world spent less than half,”

“Almost six or seven billion dollars like that or so.”

Duncan listened to it and his jaw dropped and said off the top of his head:

“To find someone spending so much money?!”

“Yes.” Marshal explained: “In the information age, looking for people seems to be easy,”

“But in fact, the world is so big, you slightly miss a corner,”

“You may not be able to find this person for life,”

“So you have to have multiple teams to spread out on the world map after a little carpet search,”

“Hundreds of thousands of people, running around, people eat like horse feed, the cost is really high;”

“In addition, there is the cost of intelligence, whether the news is useful or not,”

“As long as there is information feedback, you have to pay a certain fee,”

“And this kind of thing you can not find from the local government, police, and gang help,”

“Because of the fear of information leakage, good intentions to do bad things,”

“So it must be your own team to find whatever it is;”

“And once you find the suspect object,”

“You have to do everything possible to obtain the other party’s DNA to make a comparison,”

“Which is also a big cost, so many years just DNA comparison has been done no less than tens of millions of times.”

Duncan asked in disbelief: “And still not found?!”

“No ……” Marshal sighed: “To say the least, it is also bizarre,”

“Almost everywhere in the world where people have gone,”

“Just could not find anything, perhaps they have been in the wrong direction.”

Duncan asked again, “Have they looked for the clues in China?”

“Of course.” Marshal said: “At that time it was first from the place of origin,”

“The place of origin was turned upside down, and then began to gradually spread to the country,”

“In the whole country, they could not find,”

“Then the search was spread to those land bordering countries,”

“And then spread to the whole of Asia and then spread to the world, everywhere to find him, but no news.”

Duncan asked: “Then you have not sent people to check your brother-in-law’s family? Maybe they have hidden the child.”

Marshal smiled sarcastically: “Of course we checked, not only did we check,”

“In the first few years, we have been sending the top team to monitor them, but never found any clues.”

“But we did not give up, after all, which of these big families will not play some tricks?”

“Out of absolute caution, we will not give up until we get 100% confirmation, just in case they are hiding too deep.”

“So, fifteen years ago, we sent another group of people to penetrate their internal circle,”