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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4313 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4313 Start

Marshal’s words, made Duncan silent for a long time.

About his sister’s matter, he only heard a little,

Out of professional sensitivity, he once also wanted to find out what the hidden agenda behind that matter was,

But that matter’s knowledge is very little, and not as deep, he did not find anything meaningful.

However, thinking about it, he could not help but sigh:

“Marshal, your sister’s matter …… really is a pity ……”

“If she was still alive, the world of the rich, I am afraid it would have had a different picture.”

Marshal nodded gently.

As the younger brother with the smallest age gap with her,

He understands best what kind of strength his sister actually had.

It can be said that what the An family can have today,

The ancestors of the An family account for half of the credit,

His deceased sister alone accounted for the rest of the half of the credit.

Thinking about this, he could not help but sigh:

“My sister’s life was strong, never give up on what she decided,”

“The old man was also very doting on her, if she did not insist on marrying far away,”

“The old man would not have been so cold war with her for many years,”

“If my sister did not marry Changying, so many things would not have happened later.”

Speaking, Marshal can not help but wave his hand, a light sigh:

“Hey, now saying this, can only be a sigh of relief.”

“Changying ……” Duncan muttered under his breath and said,

“I don’t have any impression of him, I should have never met him till the end.”

Marshal nodded and said, “It’s normal that you haven’t seen him,”

“The old man has always despised him, and he rarely came to the An family.”

Duncan said, “Let me ask one more question,”

“Why did the old man have such a big prejudice against your brother-in-law?”

Marshal shrugged his shoulders, said helplessly: “In fact, my brother-in-law’s family,”

“In the domestic ranking is also very high, and even has one of the first two positions,”

“But with the An family than, was much worse, especially when the two of them fell in love,”

“It happened to be the stage of the great rise of Silicon Valley,”

“My sister was in Silicon Valley to make that series of investments,”

“It was beginning of taking the crazy profits,”

“So the old man always felt that my brother-in-law get close to the An family,”

“Deliberately got close to my sister for the money and favors,”

“These preconceptions about him, not to mention that my brother-in-law was thinking of taking my sister to China,”

“The old man was most concerned about my sister, once heard to be taken to the other side of the world, how could he agree?”

The old lady has been doing the work of the old man,”

“And she thought it would be good to let my brother-in-law stay in the United States,”

“And after they got married, they lived and developed in the United States,”

“And the old man later relented, meaning that as long as my brother-in-law stayed,”

“He would no longer oppose their marriage… …”

Duncan exclaimed: “The old man’s meaning, was it to let your brother-in-law come there as a son-in-law?”

“It’s not really a son-in-law,” Marshal explained,

“The old man only meant for the two of them to stay in the U.S.,”

“And the old man didn’t say that they should give birth to a child with the surname An,”

“So this should not be considered a son-in-law, right?”

Duncan shook his head: “Not bad, you have to know, people are not phoenix men,”

“Poor boys, they are also famous, just not as rich as the An family,”

“How can they accept the condition of staying in the woman’s family to develop?”