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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4312 Free Novel

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Speaking of this, Marshal said with a wry smile: “To tell you, this disease is fcuking weird.”

“As long as I remember, the old man’s condition developed to the point,

“That for the last four or five years, he is completely blank.”

“My son had given birth to a great-grandson, but he always felt that my son is not married,”

“And every time he saw him, he urged him to hurry up to get married,”

“And then the condition continued to deteriorate.”

“He can’t remember anything from the past ten years.”

“He doesn’t know my son, because, in his memory, my son is in the state of the young man ten years ago…”

Duncan listened and couldn’t help but sighed: “Uncle An is a hero among Chinese emigrants all over the world.”

“He has been tough and strong all his life. For him to have this kind of disease, it is really great torture…”

Marshal covered his face and took a deep breath.

He breathed, and then said with some red eyes:

“His condition has been deteriorating, his memory has degenerated from three to five years to ten years,”

“And half a year ago to almost twenty years ago…”

Marshal was silent for a while. When he got up, tears could not help but well up in his eyes.

Duncan’s eyes widened and he blurted out:

“Marshal, your sister’s affair… It was almost twenty years ago…”

“Yes…” Marshal lamented: “His memory is stuck in that time now.”

“The time when my sister just passed away was the most painful stage in his life.”

“At that time, he regretted and blamed himself every day and washed his face with tears.”

“When his memory got stuck here, he woke up every day and just holding the photo of my sister,”

“He secretly wept, and kept saying that he killed her, and the whole person’s condition became very bad.”

Duncan hurriedly asked: “Was it all right in the past?”

“I mean When his memory continues to degenerate for a period of time,”

“To the stage where he and your sister were in a cold war before your sister had an accident, wouldn’t it be better for him?”

Marshal nodded and said:

“I thought so too before, but I never thought that he has not experienced memory loss in the past six months…”

“Maybe this period of time was too hard for him, so his memory is stuck here and can’t go through…”

Duncan was stunned for a moment, and then he muttered:

“Memory stuck at the most painful stage of life… this… this is too fcuking cruel…”

“Yes Ah…” Marshal said with red eyes, “It’s so fcuking cruel…”

“So for the past six months, basically every day he wakes up,”

“He has to experience the pain of just losing his beloved daughter…”

After speaking, he hammered his own heart, he gritted his teeth and said,

“As a child, seeing my own father live in that kind of extreme pain every day, my heart… it’s not in its place…”

Duncan’s nose was also a little sore. He couldn’t help rubbing it, and asked,

“What did the doctor say? Is there any good way? Let’s not talk about treatment, even if he gets worse…”

Marshal shook his head and said in a sullen voice: “There is nothing the doctor can do,”

“This kind of disease, whether it is good or bad, will not be disturbed by external forces,”

“In the final analysis, this is the old man’s own inner demon,”

“And he has not really let go of it for so many years.”

Speaking of this, Marshal took a sip of wine and said to Duncan:

“So you can understand why I am an idiot,”

“Why am I willing to spend more than 300 billion US dollars to buy that rejuvenation pill…”

“With it, the old man’s condition can be relieved…”

Duncan did not speak, he filled the wine glass by himself and then drank it in one gulp.

Then he said guiltily: “I’m sorry Marshal, my broken mouth is so fcuking stinky, don’t mind what I said.”

Marshal waved his hand and smiled.

“I’ve known you for so many fcuking years, how can I still know what kind of temper you have?”

Duncan nodded and asked him, “Then what are your plans next?”

Marshal said, “Came back to relax, after a while. I have to go to China again to see if I can find the owner of the rejuvenation pill,”

“No matter what, I have to ask him for a rejuvenation pill at any cost…”

Speaking of this, he let out a long sigh, looked at the almost bottomed wine bottle,

and said in a hollow voice: “Even if the old man made all kinds of mistakes back then,

Adding all the cruelty he has suffered in the past six months together can be regarded as a debt payment. It’s over…”