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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4311 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4311 Start

Duncan looked at him in a stunned manner, and blurted out,

“Grass! What’s the situation? Are you being deceived by people?”

“No.” Marshal waved his hand and laughed at himself:

“You are still being deceived, I offered a fcuking price of $370 billion.”

“And I wish I could kneel down on the spot,”

“But they didn’t sell it to me, and they kicked me out of the auction venue.”

Duncan felt that his three views had been subverted, and subconsciously asked:

“What kind of medicine… …can you spend 370 billion US dollars?”

“What is the concept of 300 billion… Alibaba’s market value today is only 292.8 billion US dollars,”

“That is to say, if you put the whole Alibaba into it, you can’t get one fcuking medicine?!”

Marshal said very seriously: “I can’t change it, if I could,”

“I would have changed it a long time ago.”

After that, Marshal looked at Duncan and asked curiously.

“You are a policeman, why are you so obsessed with stocks? How about investing in stocks?”

Duncan sneered and shook his hands: “Don’t fcuking mention it,”

“I have some savings on hand, I bought all the stocks of this company,”

“And up to now, I have lost more than half of it.”

Marshal scolded: “Fcuk, tell me about the stock market, I will give you some news,”

“Whether you are short or long, you are guaranteed to earn several times the profit!”

Duncan earnestly Said: “You know my situation, I don’t have much money,”

“And I have nowhere to go if I have a lot of righteousness.”

“Besides, I am a federal police officer. If I still rely on inside information to invest in stocks,”

“Then I know the law and break the law, and the FBI will investigate me.”

“Yes.” Marshal shook his head and sighed: “I told you a long time ago,”

“Don’t be a police officer, it doesn’t make sense, you just don’t listen.”

Duncan waved his hand: “Don’t talk about me, let’s talk about you.”

“What kind of medicine, what kind of medicine is it, can it be worth 300 billion dollars?”

Marshal said with a somewhat fascinated expression:

“That’s a magical medicine that can cure all diseases of the body,”

“Make dead trees bloom, and turn back time by twenty years…”

Duncan frowned: “Which is such a wonderful imagination, have you watched a lot of movies?”

Marshal smiled and said, “You haven’t seen it with your own eyes,”

“So no matter what I say, you won’t believe it, but when you see its effect with your own eyes,”

“You’ll be on the ground like me.”

With that said, Marshal recounted to Duncan what he saw at the Rejuvenation Pill auction that day.

Duncan was dumbfounded after hearing this, and blurted out:

“It’s fcuking incredible… There is such a magical thing in this world,”

“So magical that I can’t think of any scientific basis for it.”

“I feel like I studied here. So many years and so many books all have been read in vain.”

Marshal smiled: “So I said just now that many things we think are unlikely,”

“Maybe it’s not the problem itself, but we don’t know enough.”

Duncan sighed and said: “If there is such a medicine, my father may be able to live a few more years,”

“But it is useless, I can’t afford this medicine.”

After speaking, he remembered something, looked at Marshal, and asked :

“Why do you want to buy this thing? Who is it for?”

Marshal sighed softly: “I bought it for the old man, his Alzheimer’s symptoms are getting worse now.”

“Alzheimer’s disease?” Duncan blurted out: “It’s Alzheimer’s, for real?! When did Uncle An get this disease?”

Marshal said with emotion: “He has been ill for more than two years,”

“And at first I found that he always forgets easily.”

‘Sometimes when he just puts things down, he can’t remember where he put them in a blink of an eye;”

“What he just said, he forgets in a blink of an eye, and then says it again; He asks again…”

“At that time, we had already let the best experts intervene,”

“And also took him to do some systematic training to fight the disease,”

“But the cause of this disease is the functional decline of the brain,”

“So there is no effective medical treatment. After that, his condition continued to deteriorate.”