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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4308 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4308 Start

At this moment, Marshal added: “You should still be at the police station now, right?”

“In.” Duncan laughed at himself, “After such a big incident,”

“I’m afraid I’ll have to live in the police station for the next few days.”

Marshal smiled faintly said: “It seems I guessed right, I’m downstairs now, if it’s convenient for you, I’ll come up now.”

Duncan’s expression was surprised. He wanted to ask something,

But held back and busily said, “I’ll have someone pick you up!”


Soon, Marshal, who was wearing a duck-tongue cap and a black mask on his face. Led by a police officer, came up.

He carried two kraft paper shopping bags and came directly to Duncan’s office.

As soon as Duncan saw him, he was surprised and asked,

“Marshal An, why did you come to New York?”

“Didn’t we hear that you went to China some time ago?”

“Yes.” Marshal nodded and laughed bitterly, “I went to China,”

“But I ran into a lot of dust, so I came back in disgrace.”

Duncan asked curiously, “What happened? There are still people who can make you meet the wall?”

“Don’t mention it.” Marshal said helplessly:

“This matter …… is really a child without a mother, it’s a long story.”

After that, he put two kraft paper bags on the table, and asked,

“You are now considered off duty, right? I brought some food from Chinatown,”

“And a bottle of your favorite Xifeng wine, if you can drink, let’s have a few drinks.”

Duncan laughed and said, “I’m already fcuking off duty.”

“I don’t dare to go home because I’m afraid that the melon goon media will block me.”

Saying that, he hurriedly took out the bottle of Xifeng wine from the bag, exclaiming,

“Holy 5hit, this wine must have been stored for decades, right?”

Marshal nodded: “It’s said to be from the early days of the founding of the country.”

Duncan sighed: “If my old man were still alive, he would be overjoyed to see this wine!”

Duncan’s ancestors were from the northwest and during the Republic of China,

He was already a very famous and wealthy businessman in the northwest,

And later, when World War II started, the family fled to the United States from the country.

After many hardships, they put down roots in the United States.

And Duncan and Marshal are of similar age, both in the fifties,

They are also born and raised in the United States,

Although not grown up in the Northwest, but because of the influence of their fathers,

Many habits are consistent with the Northwest people.

Duncan’s grandfather and father, all love Xifeng wine, to his generation is also the same.

Marshal at this time from the kraft paper bag, took out some packaged cold dishes,

There are pork head and other marinated items, also some crisp cold vegetables, peanuts, and other things.

He opened the things one by one and set them up while sighing:

“Oh, that particularly good Cantonese style roast goose in Chinatown is not open today.”

“Otherwise, I would have bought an extra roast goose to eat.”

Duncan said, “What’s so good about that stuff, it’s sweet and cloying, might as well just bake it and eat it.”

Marshal laughed: “That Cantonese style, roast on the blast furnace and then slice into meat for you to eat like rolled cake, does it not become a normal roast duck?”

Saying that Marshal handed him a pair of chopsticks,

And Duncan found two disposable water cups. Two glasses of wine were poured.

Duncan picked up the cups and said impatiently, “Come on, let’s go for one!”

Marshal nodded, and the two paper cups symbolically clinked. Then each took a sip.

Then, Marshal put down his cup and asked: “You and I have been brothers for many years,”

“Is there anything that I need to help you with at the moment?”

“Although the An family’s focus has shifted to the West Coast in the past few years.”

“But New York is after all our old base,”

“There are still a lot of people here, I should be able to help you a bit”

Duncan smiled and spoke: “Thank you for your kind words, but I feel that the matter at hand,”

“Not a lot of people can solve, the clues all of a sudden broken too completely,”

“As if a knife in the void directly cut off,”

“It looks like there is a very large and professional team behind the control,”

“If I can not find the breakthrough point of this team, then the case may never be solved.”

Marshal nodded and sighed, “I really didn’t expect that someone could kidnap the Fei family in New York and still leave,”

“You, a Chinese detective, at a loss, could it be that some big shot came from New York?”