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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4307 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4307 Start

Adam said with emotion: “Randal is not very old, but has been very mature and low-key.”

“And he is honest, modest and kind, and is considered a very outstanding young talent.”

“You may not know that Randal was hosting a charity dinner initiated,”

“And organized by himself a second before he was kidnapped, and because of his low profile,”

“This charity dinner, he did not open it to the outside world, and to our surprise,”

“It was this charity dinner that gave the kidnappers the opportunity to take advantage of it,”

“And just a few minutes before he was ready to go on stage to give a speech, he was kidnapped.”

The reporter couldn’t resist asking, “Excuse me. What was the charity dinner that your son initiated about?”

“It’s about rescuing orphans.”

Adam explained, “Randal is not very old and has always been concerned about the growth and education of orphans,”

“So he put out tens of millions of dollars.”

“And in cooperation with the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce,”

“He intended to set up a charity foundation to specifically aid orphans.”

When the reporters heard that Randal was ready to put out tens of millions of dollars for charity,

One by one, they also admired him.

At this time, Adam pleaded very emotionally in the interview,

“If the people who kidnapped Randal, can see this interview,”

“I, as a father, beg you not to continue to hurt him, your asking of $200 billion ransom is indeed too unrealistic,”

“But the Fei family is willing to put out $2 billion ransom,”

“Only to ask you to let him come home safely,”

“He is still young, the future is still a long way,”

“Let him come home, he still has to do a lot for this society!”

This interview, which was quickly sent by two media outlets overnight to TV media as well as online platforms,

Instantly ignited the entire public opinion.

When everyone saw Adam’s choked and painful statement in the interview,

Everyone sympathized with this middle-aged man,

And when they heard that Randal is such an outstanding young talent,

Their sympathy for Randal immediately flooded up.

The netizens spontaneously started a solidarity campaign for Randal on the Internet,

And more than hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic netizens even went to the White House to petition.

The White House was asked to step in and rescue Randal.

This instantly stirred up the matter to the sky.

In the New York Police Department, Duncan was worried after reading the media reports.

Now. The whole world knows that Randal was kidnapped in New York and had his two ears cut off,

But the delay in finding the kidnappers has increased the pressure on the entire NYPD.

Duncan, as a well-known police detective, is even more anxious as ants on a hot pot.

Unfortunately. The scene really did not leave any valuable clues,

So far, all the police officers poured out to find the latter part of the night,

But they could not find where the junk car went.

The car can not be found. Trying to find people will be even more difficult.

When he was at a loss, a phone call came.

When he saw the words on the phone screen, he hesitated for a moment,

But picked up the phone and said with a sarcastic smile,

“What, you just saw the media report and you can’t help but come to troll me?”

On the phone, a man said with a smile, “If you, a sleuth, accidentally fell on your face.”

“I will definitely be the first to troll you,”

“But you are now on the edge of the cliff, how can you fall on the well at this time?”

The person who spoke was the first uncle, Marshal An,

Who was instructed and expelled from Rejuvenation Pill auction the other day.