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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4306 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4306 Start

They took the identity of those who were in the know.

Telling all netizens that Adam was not really looking for a woman on the street,

But the real reason is that his beloved son Randal was kidnapped!

The bandits brutally cut off his son’s two ears and gave them to this pr0stitute.

And Adam’s passionate k!ss with the pr0stitute was just a prank of the bandits.

As for Adam, he not only has to bear the pain of his son being kidnapped and hurt,

But even have to bear the unknown netizens those crazy like internet violence.

At this moment, people realized. It turns out that they had completely misunderstood Adam before!

Before, the video of him k!ssing a pr0stitute on the street made…

Countless people’s senses extremely disgusted with him,

And the Internet was clear of accusations and abuse against him.

But now, everyone realizes.

It turns out that Adam is a great father who deserves everyone’s respect and admiration.

Every person who had scolded him felt incomparable remorse and guilt in their hearts for their previous remarks.

In an instant, countless people began to support solidarity with Adam,

And even many people in the comments area apologized for their previous wrong statements,

The tone of voice and attitude are extremely sincere!

The Fei family’s previous public opinion crisis was instantly resolved,

Not only eliminating all the negative effects.

It even allowed the Fei family to gain a large number of people’s support.

Seeing the overwhelming apologies, sympathy, and praise on the internet,

Adam’s mood instantly got a lot better and he couldn’t help but say to Dawson full of excitement,

“Dad, your solution is really wonderful, it’s simply saving the day and fighting back in the end ……”

Dawson saw that the situation was completely controlled by himself easily.

Finally relieved at the same time, but also can not help but feel some complacency.

He stroked his beard and spoke: “Now we have two most important things at hand.”

“One is to find out the true identity of the Japanese ninja as soon as possible,”

“The other, is to strike while the iron is hot.”

“Maximize the role of the media, the interview should be interviewed, it is not possible to hold a press conference.”

Second brother Nelson hurriedly said,

“Big brother, the people who are meant to be sent to Japan are already ready,”

“And will immediately rush to the airport, and will arrive in Japan in thirteen hours.”

Dawson frowned and smacked his lips, “Tsk …… speed is still too slow ah ……”

“No way.” Nelson said helplessly, “We started late and did not grab a Concord when it was available,”

“Currently there is no supersonic airliner available on the market.”

Dawson opened his mouth and said, “Find out which families bought them at that time,”

“And find a way to buy one back regardless of cost, it will definitely be used in the future.”

“Okay!” Nelson nodded and said,

“I will have someone investigate the Concorde registered worldwide today and try to buy one.”

At this time, the butler of the Fei family walked in and said to Dawson,

“Master, the CEOs of CNN and the New York Times called and wanted to do an interview with the youngest master,”

“I don’t know if it’s convenient for you, what do you think?”

“Good thing!” Dawson said without thinking, “Let them come over,”

“It’s just that Adam can also send a message to the kidnappers in front of the media,”

“That the Fei family is ready to take two billion dollars for the ransom,”

“As soon as they have considered it, they will contact you.”

Adam hurriedly nodded his head and said, “Okay dad, I know!”

At midnight, a team of reporters from CNN and the New York Times arrived at the Fei family estate.

Overnight to conduct an interview with Adam.

In the interview, Adam detailed the whole story, followed by media praise of his son Randal.