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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4303 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4303 Start

Jesse suddenly widened his eyes and asked in horror, “What did you say?!”

He really didn’t expect that in this world, someone would dare to cut Randal’s ear.

This kind of thing, cutting off the ear, may not appear once in a lifetime among big families.

Because this method is really a bit too rough, no matter which big family,

Once a family member has his ear cut, his family will definitely fight with the other party at all costs.

He couldn’t help but mutter in his heart:

“If it was really those ninjas who did it, they certainly wouldn’t have had the guts to do it ……”

“After all, the strength of the Fei family is too obvious for them,”

“Though the United States and Japan are separated by 10,000 miles,”

“But once the Fei family really seeks the death,”

“The entire Iga ninja comes together, they are not enough for the Fei family.”

Thinking about this, he couldn’t help but think:

“Could it be that the real culprits behind the scenes are not those ninjas?”

“But if not those ninjas, who else could it be?”

“The young master of the Fei family is not even in the eyes,”

“So I’m afraid the strength of this mysterious person is elusive ……”

Jesse’s eyes suddenly glazed over, subconsciously asking himself in his mind:

“Could it be the murderer of Alan?

At this moment, Jesse’s scared body trembled violently,

The whole person also showed a moment of tension with some trance.

He knew very well that if the person behind the kidnapping of Randal,

Was really the mysterious person who killed his brother Alan,

And made the entire Italian gang vanish into thin air,

Then his next target would definitely be himself ……

The maid on the side saw Jesse’s face full of panic, as his body was trembling uncontrollably,

She hurriedly asked: “Young Master Qiao …… You …… What happened to you?”

Jesse came back to his senses, and quickly waved his hands and said,

“Nothing nothing …… I just …… I didn’t expect ……”

“I didn’t expect someone to dare to do this to Young Master Fei ……”

“Yes ……” The maid also couldn’t help but sigh, “I heard that the master is going crazy ……”

Jesse hurriedly asked, “What else have you heard?”

The maid thought for a moment: “The rest seems to be nothing ……”

“I heard that after the young master was kidnapped, the housekeeper let us all go to serve the ladies of the family,”

“Afraid that who can not stand the stimulation of something happened,”

“The great grandmother saw the ears of young master Randal, she got stunned on the spot,”

“I have been following the waiter, just someone got the shift, I rushed to bring you food.”

Said, she hurriedly handed the plastic bag in her hand to Jesse,

A bit shy, and somewhat ashamed said, “Sorry young master Qiao, the situation is urgent,”

“I had no time to go to the kitchen to cook for you, so I brought some convenient food over ……”

Jesse smiled slightly, nodded, and said, “Thank you ……”

The maid said shyly, “Young Master Qiao, you don’t have to be polite with me ……”

“Anyway …… I’m already your person anyway ……”

Jesse nodded, deliberately pretended to be stupid, and smiled, but in his heart, he was cursing:

“Damn, goods that can not be on stage, and still fcuking want to pretend to be pure and close, what the h3ll.”

However, he did not have any abnormality on the surface,

Instead, he said very gently: “Edna, keep an eye on it for me,”

“If there is anything found there, remember to tell me first.”

With that, he took off his Richard Miller watch worth more than three million dollars and handed it to the maid,

Saying seriously, “Edna, I came to New York in a hurry and have nothing to give you,”

“So take this watch as a small gift from me.”

The maid had been working in the Fei family for five years,

And although she didn’t have much money, she was definitely knowledgeable.

She knew that Richard Miller was a very expensive watch brand,

And a basic watch would cost several hundred thousand dollars to start with,

And the piece Jesse was wearing was a limited edition, priced at least two or three million dollars.

Seeing that Jesse was going to give this watch to her,

She was surprised and delighted and wanted to reach out to receive it,

But then said with a nervous face: “Young Master Qiao …… This ……”

“This is too expensive …… I can’t accept it ……”

Jesse said very seriously, “Edna, you just said, you are now my person,”

“I do not give gifts to my own woman, how can I be not stingy?”