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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4301 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4301 Start

In Dawson’s view, it does not matter if you are misunderstood,

As long as you can completely lift the misunderstanding as soon as possible, you can often get better results instead.

If you don’t believe, look at the world’s love movies,

The main man and woman came up to have a prejudice against each other,

After breaking stereotypes, often in order to love with a vengeance.

This is how human nature is.

Therefore, Dawson feels that this is a good opportunity for crisis public relations instead.

As long as they seize this opportunity and give Adam the persona of a great father,

They can not only let Adam turn the tide against the wind,

But also bring the Fei family a better mass base.

At this time, his younger brother Nelson spoke up,

“Big brother, it’s a bit deliberate to have reporters come to the house directly,”

“Even if the kidnappers are not enraged, the public will think we are deliberately selling out.”

Dawson asked rhetorically, “Then what do you think should be done?”

Nelson hastened to offer advice:

“Brother, in my opinion, we might as well use that video method,”

“First through the hands of a third party to release the news of the kidnapping of Randal,”

“Adam goes to save Randal, and then in the dark to push the wave,”

“Let the news ferment, then the media will certainly take the initiative to find us,”

“Then we will be smooth to accept the interview, the truth of the matter completely stays in public.”

Dawson nodded repeatedly: “Good idea! This way, it looks more natural!”

When Adam heard this, he hurriedly said, “Dad! There were a lot of people watching at the scene,”

“And a few of them took out their cell phones to take video,”

“They must have captured the whole process of the video,”

“Especially the process of taking out Randal’s ear from the box,”

“If that video is put on the Internet, this matter will be done!”

Dawson immediately said, “Order down, offer a reward of 100,000 dollars to find the video shooter,”

“And then post these videos on the Internet!”

“Yes!” Adam said, “I’ll go arrange it now!”

After saying that, he remembered something and asked,

“Dad, I’ve got that woman under control, should we interrogate her?”

“Let it go, there’s no point.” Dawson waved his hand:

“That woman is clearly a pawn, it is impossible to get anything even if she is killed.”

Adam nodded: “Okay dad, I’ll give the order.”

Just as Adam was about to follow what Dawson said,

To look for the passerby who had taken the video at the scene,

His phone suddenly received a text message from an unfamiliar number.

The text message read, “If you want your son to live, within the next 48 hours,”

“Prepare $200 billion in crypto digital currency, otherwise, wait to receive a corpse!”

Adam’s heart stuttered and said offhandedly,

“Dad …… These people said …… They want 200 billion dollars before they will let them go ……”

“How much?!” Dawson’s eyebrows wrinkled, cold voice questioned:

“Two hundred billion? Are these people out of their minds?!”

“What kind of fcuking kidnappers dare ask for two hundred billion dollars?!”

Adam was also shocked, what is the concept of two hundred billion dollars?

According to the current share price, it can buy two large business Groups!

Nelson, who was also dumbfounded, couldn’t help but mutter:

“This is no fcuking sincerity at all …… If he asks for a little less,”

“A billion or two billion dollars, they have some brains,”

“The moment they ask for 200 billion, this fcuking bargain do not know how to return ……”

Dawson said in a cold voice: “Tell them that as long as they release Randal,”

“I am willing to pay them two billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency!”

Adam immediately called the other party back, but without exception, the phone number was also turned off.

Dawson said in a cold voice: “These ba5tards, they don’t even give a chance to bargain!”

“Do they really think that they can extort 200 billion dollars by kidnapping someone from the Fei family?”

Adam asked him, “Dad …… What should we do now? …… The other side only gave us 48 hours ……”

Dawson said with a gloomy face, “Be calm! Since the other side gave 48 hours, then we do not care about him,”

“These 48 hours, what we have to do on the one hand is to reverse public opinion,”

“On the other hand is to think of every way to find these ninjas!”

“If we can’t, we’ll send someone to Japan and arrest all their relatives,”

“And if they dare to kill Randal, I’ll kill their whole family!”