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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4299 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4299 Start

Many people are incredulous about Adam’s heavy tastes,

And it is because of this huge contrast that this matter is rapidly fermenting on the Internet

And will soon explode all over the net.

Adam still didn’t know that when his motorcade drove into the Fei family estate,

He had already become a hot and big internet sensation.

What Charlie likes most is to hit the people where it is most painful.

He deeply knows what the rich people care most about, so he can always find their weak points.

For most rich people, what they care about most is just two things, profit, and reputation.

Since you want to make a big deal out of this,

And want to cause more damage to the Fei family,

This way of exposing the scandal is the best solution.

When Adam returned home and met a group of angry family members, he realized that he had been on fire online.

When he saw the video of himself being spread wildly on the Internet, he was almost angry enough to die in place.

That unpleasant stand-up girl made him sick all the way to the car and almost vomited several times.

Plus the feeling of holding his son’s two ears in his hands made him even more miserable.

It was hard for him to go home and prepare to take the HIV blocking medication immediately,

But he didn’t expect that the video of himself k!ssing the street girl would go viral first.

He was so angry that he almost thundered and yelled in front of his family,

“I must find out the son of a b!tch who released the video,”

“I can’t take this fcuking heat until he’s dead!

Dawson said in a cold voice: “This video must have been taken since you didn’t get out of the car,”

“It was clearly waiting for you, maybe it was one of them.”

Adam was confused and said, “Dad, if they want money, just ask for money, what the h3ll are they going to do?”

He said, he handed out his son’s two ears and said,

“Also, why are they treating Randal so cruelly?”

“Aren’t they afraid that our Fei family will fight with them to death?!”

Dawson frowned and said, “I can understand if they cut off Randal’s ears,”

“It’s just to show us their guts and let us know that they can do anything, so as to break our will ……”

Said, he could not help but smacked his lips, face very serious:

“But he controlled you, treated completely as if you are a monkey,”

“This move I really do not understand, how to look at this is not necessary……”

“You tell me, this matter is exposed, what good is it to them?”

The Fei family all shook their heads with a bewildered look.

No one could understand why the other party did not put the Fei family in the slightest,

Kidnapped the Fei family member and spit in the Fei family’s face.

And at the same time, Adam’s video, in the whole network has become hotter and hotter.

Not only in the United States, but even around the world, it has caused a huge sensation.

Even in China, which is half a world away, it has made it to the short video platform,

As well as the hot search on the microblogging platform.

The world’s netizens, all like to eat rich people’s melon.

The Fei family, one of the world’s top families,

Is stronger than the Korean Lee family and the Japanese Ito family.

Not to mention the top Korean plutocrats like the Lee family,

When a Korean airline owner’s daughter forced the plan to return from New York JFK Airport,

Because the stewardess gave her a packet of nuts but did not put them on the plate.

The incident immediately became the world’s hot topic,

And finally, the daughter, was not only forced to resign, give a public apology, and even she was sentenced to one year in prison.

The Fei family’s curiosity is not known how many notches higher compared to this,

So this kind of big melon is naturally loved by people around the world.

As a result, the Internet is flooded with all kinds of comments and flirtations.

Some people said, “I think this Adam must be a pervert,”

“Otherwise it is impossible to go to such a pr0stitute,”

“This kind of pr0stitute on the country lane, even for ten dollars no one even would look at her!”

“I see the coffin of the old Fei family ancestors, the board can’t even cover it!”

“They certainly do not understand how their own family can produce such a heavy mouth offspring!”