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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4298 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4298 Start

After he took the video, he immediately went to the corner behind the motel and got into a dilapidated Dodge car,

Then the car started the engine and quickly drove away from the place of the incident.

And at this time, Adam was still holding Randal’s two ears and crying out in pain.

The bodyguard repeatedly persuaded him for a long time but to no avail.

Helpless, several people can only help him to the car,

And then the convoy quickly returned to the Fei family estate in Long Beach.

On the one hand, his heart ached for his son, worried about his son,

and on the other hand, he hated those ninjas to the bone.

He could not wait to immediately catch them in pieces, but unfortunately,

They have not yet been able to grasp their real identity.

Dawson has many ears and eyes, and most of the bodyguards around Adam report to him,

So without waiting for Adam to return, he had already heard about this matter.

He was particularly fond of Randal, and when he heard that his grandson’s ear had been cut off,

He was even more furious, and was already in his study, smashing everything he could.

The old lady heard the news and rushed to see what was going on,

But it was hard to stop Dawson, the old lady asked what happened,

She was even more distressed, seeing that there was nothing in the room to smash, so she punched Dawson, crying:

“You must save my grandson alive! If not, I will be dead for you!”

Dawson was upset and did not want his wife to follow him, so he said impatiently,

“Okay, I know! Randal is your grandson and also my grandson, I will do whatever it takes to get him back!”

The old lady asked again, “Are you sure? In case they kill without blinking…… to …… Randal”

When it comes to this, the old lady really can’t say anymore.

Dawson waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, they must be trying to make money,

As long as they are trying to make money, they will certainly not kill Randal.”

The old lady hurriedly said, “No matter what the final result is,

You must give me those people in pieces!!!”

The movement of the old man and woman smashing in the study soon alerted Randal’s mother,

As well as other members of Fei’s family.

Dawson didn’t hide anything from them, so he informed everyone about what happened.

Randal’s mother directly fainted, while the other Fei family members were also apprehensive.

They were accustomed to being pampered, but when they heard that there were people,

Who dared to kidnap a Fei family member and even cut off his ears, they were angry and scared.

For a while, the whole Fei family was in a state of turmoil.

And before Adam arrived home, another popular video appeared on the Internet.

The title of the video is very shocking, it says

“Adam Fei, the son of the Fei family, k!ssed a pr0stitute on the street in North Brooklyn!”

The content of the video clearly captures how Adam stuffed $1,000 in cash into the collar of the pr0stitute,

And how the pr0stitute hugged him in a passionate k!ss.

The video ends abruptly at this point, without any follow-up.

This is a common ‘partial news rule’ used by the popular media,

Not to report the whole story, but only the part they want to report,

So that they can induce viewers to take the story out of context.

This trick is simple and direct and nasty to the extreme, but it works very well.

People don’t know the cause and effect,

They only know from watching the video that the young master of the Fei family

Bought s3x on the street and k!ssed with a pr0stitute.

This immediately triggered a fervent discussion on the Internet.

OVer there matter of seeking s3x is not really explosive news, people here are relatively more open to that aspect,

So they are not used to it.

However, although they have seen cheating, but never seen so by rich people.

So this kind of thing can only give them a big shock.