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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4297 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4297 Start

The woman was pointed at by so many people with a gun,

She got scared out of her wits, so she hurriedly moved the old shoulder bag,

While shivering took out a box of crumpled cond0ms.

The first time Adam saw the picture of the condom on the box, his face suddenly blackened to the extreme,

He thought it was just a prank, so he cursed coldly:

“This is what that son of a b!tch told you to give me?

“Yes ……” the woman said in a panic:

“He …… also asked me to pass on a message to you… …”

Adam shouted angrily: “Say it! If you stammer again, I’ll fcuking kill you!”

The woman trembled with fear and said, “He said …… I’m sorry Mr. Fei, there was no time ……”

“To find a container, so I had to make do with this box.”

“So could only make do with this box to contain the ……”

“The packaging is very substandard, but the things inside are still very precious ……”

Adam reached out to grab the box of cond0ms, but once he thought the woman had AIDS,

He immediately put his hand back and pointed at the woman and yelled, “Throw the box to the ground!”

The woman could only honestly do as she was told and threw the box on the ground.

Adam took out a handkerchief from his pocket,

Wrapped his right hand with the handkerchief, and discreetly squeezed the box up.

He was in a dilemma because he did not dare to open the box with his left hand.

Although he had received higher education and knew that AIDS would not be transmitted through this level of contact,

He still could not resist the fear in his heart.

Fortunately, one of his men was more discerning and immediately handed him a black glove.

Adam was relieved and stretched out his left hand to let his men put the black glove on his hand,

And then opened the lid of the cond0m box.

Because of the lack of ambient light, he did not see what the box actually contained,

Gently shaking, only to feel that the things inside are not heavy and not hard,

But can not tell exactly what kind of things are in there.

So he used his right hand to turn the box upside down,

His left hand blocked the mouth of the box and poured out the contents.

Along with the two things dropped into his palm, Adam fixed his eyes,

The whole person shouted in fear, the hand moved as if getting a shock like a violent flip,

Two bl00dy ears were directly thrown out.

A few street girls have long been curious about what was inside,

And when they saw that it was two bl00dy human ears, they immediately screamed in terror.

The bodyguards also froze, never dreamed that the box contained human ears!

Adam was so frightened that he just slowed down,

Then he suddenly thought of something and hurriedly chased over to check,

This look does not matter, he immediately recognized the pair of ears, which is the son Randal’s.

His heart seemed to be instantly hit by a heavy hammer, all of a sudden pain reached unspeakable limits.

Immediately after, he picked up the two ears bawling:

“Randal …… my good son …… your dad is sorry ……”

“Your dad did not protect you! You ah Randal ……”

Some good pedestrians have begun to take out cell phones to shoot video,

This time a number of bodyguards reacted, rushed to Adam, and surrounded him,

While chiding: “No filming, delete the video!”

But by this time it was already too late, many people had already taken the video,

Seeing the other side of the bodyguards aggressive, they rushed to slip away.

And these bodyguards do not have the energy to ask those passers-by,

They can only surround Adam, to protect him as soon as possible to leave this place.

The group of people who took the video and slipped away included an Iga ninja.