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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4296 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4296 Start

Adam could only do as he was told.

He hung up the phone, asked his bodyguard to take out a thousand dollars in cash,

Clutched it in his hand, and took a deep breath

Then said to the bodyguard, “Open the door!”

The bodyguard said nervously, “Young master, it’s too dangerous to go directly there,”

“Why don’t I go check and see if there’s anything wrong with that woman first!”

“No need ……” Adam shook his head, his father had already spoken his words,

If he still let someone go to check the woman,

In case the news reached Dawson’s ears, he would be very disappointed with him.

So, he could only push the door and get out of the car, and step toward the woman on the road.

Several women did not expect that a middle-aged man came down from inside the Cadillac and walked straight toward them.

So, a few people are busy scratching their heads and eyebrows, hoping to get the man’s favor.

Adam looked at the eyes but was more disgusted with the prickly scratch and the dirty body.

But he had no choice but to brace himself and come to the blonde woman,

Rolled up the thousand dollars in his hand and stuffed it into the woman’s collar.

There was a gasp of surprise all around, and the other women looked dumbfounded.

They may not get a hundred dollars a day here,

But this rich man came over and gave their companion a thousand dollars,

Which simply makes them envious to the extreme.

The blonde woman, who was also excited at the moment,

Took the money out of her collar and counted it one by one,

And after she was sure it was a thousand dollars,

She said excitedly, “Oh my God, you must be Mr. Fei?

Adam was almost staggered by the stench in her mouth, resisted the urge to vomit, and asked,

“The money is given to you, where is the stuff? Did someone ask you to give me a certain thing?”

The blonde woman said with delight, “I thought that guy was deliberately playing a trick on me,”

“But I didn’t think there was really such a good thing ……”

The woman looked at Adam and suddenly stepped forward and hugged him and ki55ed him on the mouth!

A large group of bodyguards thought the woman was going to suddenly turn on Adam,

Suddenly rushed out of the car with guns.

At this time, Adam also jumped, and quickly pushed the woman away,

While constantly wiping his mouth, while angrily said:

“Yuck yuck yuck! Danm it! You are fcuking sick ah! Who the h3ll let you k!ss me?”

Immediately after, he saw the woman’s two arms, full of dense needle holes, but also a scared face pale.

He kept spitting hard, and at the same time kept slapping his clothes, cursing:

“Do you have fcuking AIDS? If you have fcuking AIDS, I’ll have someone fcuking shoot you!”

The woman looked at so many fierce bodyguards,

At the moment all with guns aimed at her, and scared and aggrieved said:

“The Foundation’s doctor told me …… AIDS is not transmitted through k!ssing …… “

Adam instantly collapsed, the irritable jumped up and cursed: “Fcuk! You really fcuking have it ah!”

A group of bodyguards heard this and felt like it is a dangerous enemy,

One of them thought that this woman is deliberately poisoning the young master,

Immediately gave an angry rebuke: “Say it! Why are you doing this! What is your purpose?”

The woman was so aggrieved that she opened her eyes and said,

“It was the man who told me that a gentleman named Fei would give me a thousand dollars,”

“And that if I received his thousand dollars,”

“I would have to give him the most passionate k!ss and an elaborate little gift ……”

“Fcuk!” Adam instantly understood that he was being calculated by that son of a b!tch.

At this point he couldn’t care less, he just wanted to hurry up and get the clue,

Then immediately go back and have the doctor prepare HIV-blocking drugs for himself.

So, he stared at the woman with a black face and asked,

“Danm, what the h3ll is the little gift? Hurry up and bring it out for me!”