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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4295 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4295 Start

The good thing is that the women did not pester, seeing that no one opened the window,

They all went back to the roadside and continued to look for other targets.

At this time, Adam’s cell phone rang again.

He hurriedly looked down, only to see this time a new strange number sent a text message,

And the text message is: “See the blonde woman who lost two incisors on the side of the road?”

“You get out of the car and walk up to her, stuff a thousand dollars into her collar,”

“She will give you something, my people are watching you,”

“You do not play any tricks, otherwise, wait to collect your son’s b0dy!”

Adam received this text message, and looked up at the roadside where there were standing a few women,

only to find that the blonde, the woman who lost two incisors,

Is not the woman who just came to knock on the window of his car, and scared him.

With the thought that the other party may also have AIDS, he had a feeling of retching, almost vomiting.

However, he never dreamed that the mysterious person who kidnapped his son,

Would ask him to stuff money into that woman’s collar!

He could not help but curse angrily: “This is not a fcuking bully!”

“If there was really something to give me, wouldn’t it be enough to just ask her to take it out?!”

The bodyguard couldn’t help but ask: “Young master, did the other party text again?”

Adam looked at the woman outside the car window and said with disgust,

“Son of a b!tch, he asked me to stuff a thousand dollars into that woman’s collar,”

“In exchange for something he gave me! This is outrageous!”

The bodyguard said, “Young master, why don’t I go?”

“The man should have instructed the woman that if someone stuffs $1,000 into her lapel, she should give it to him.

“No ……” Adam said offhandedly, “They have people watching in secret,”

“If I play tricks, they will turn against Randal!”

The bodyguard blurted out, “Young Master, you can’t go by yourself,”

“What if this woman is a killer or she has a bomb on her? We can’t guarantee your safety!”

When Adam heard this, he was shocked himself,

He was worried that if this was a trap against him,

Then once he got off, he was afraid that he would be in bad luck.

However, he knows very well that if he does not do as he is told, then his son is likely to face the risk of life.

Moreover, if he does not do it, his father will definitely be discontented with him after he finds out.

Dawson’s style of action is dry and ruthless, very averse to timid and cowardly people,

And Adam is not the only son, there are two younger brothers eyeing the position of the family head,

If his performance this time left Dawson disappointed,

Then in the future, he wants to inherit the position of the family head, the difficulty will certainly increase a lot.

After thinking about it, he decided to take a chance.

So, he called his father, Dawson, and once the phone call came through, Dawson asked, “Adam, how is it going?”

Adam told his father about the situation,

And deliberately said in a generous tone of death:

“Dad, if something happens to me, you must promise me to find Randal!”

Dawson gave a light hum and said, “Don’t worry, he has no reason to kill you.”

Adam was surprised and asked, “Dad, why do you think so?”

Dawson said in a cold voice: “He kidnapped Randal and took the initiative to contact you,”

“Which proves that he must be looking for money.”

“If he kills you, he won’t get a penny, but also ruins his credibility in front of us.”

“If he uses Randal to threaten me and ask me for ransom after he kills you,”

“It’s unlikely I’ll give something to him, so it’s more than worth it to him.

Adam was suddenly a little resentful.

He thought he could take this opportunity to show off a little bit with his father,

But he didn’t expect to end up botching it,

Making his father think he was a fool who couldn’t understand the situation.

Depressed to the core, he could only say to Dawson,

“Okay dad, I know, I’ll go over there and see what medicine they are selling in the gourd!”

“Hurry up!” Dawson urged, “If there is any news, notify me the first time!”