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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4294 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4294 Start

Adam is naturally no exception. Although he is the young master of the Fei family,

The current Fei family head’s first heir and going to this kind of place,

His heart will be more or less filled with fear.

When Adam’s motorcade drove into Brooklyn, indeed

They actually attracted the attention of many street youth.

In Brooklyn, only gang bosses can afford to buy Rolls-Royce,

But those bosses’ Rolls-Royce license plates, the local gang members have long memorized,

So with a glance, they can see that these cars are foreign.

Some of the gang members, seeing this convoy really can not help but have a bad idea.

However, seeing that the other side has six cars, they tamed their desires.

At this time, in the car, Adam suddenly received a text message.

This time, the other party changed the number and sent the content:

“To the North Brooklyn Wharton Motel.”

A motel is the lowest-end fast hotel in the United States.

It has the worst rooms, the worst location, the laxest management, and the worst security.

You don’t need any identification to register for a motel,

You park your car at the door, walk in and give the cash to the owner,

You get a room key.

The owner also has the mentality that more is better than less,

And just collects money, not bothering to ask about the identity of the residents,

Not even wanting to look at the residents twice to avoid trouble.

Therefore, this kind of place is mixed, full of fugitives, johns, and addicts.

Adam did not expect that the other party would set the location in such a place,

He first sent the other party’s cell phone number to the intelligence team,

Hoping that the other party could locate the person’s location.

But the intelligence team came back with the news that the other party had turned off the phone again.

Since it was a new number, there was no way to prepare in advance, so the positioning failed again.

The location failure meant that Adam could only follow the other party’s request and go to this motel.

Although he was reluctant to do so, he could only go with his head up.

This motel is located on the edge of North Brooklyn.

The team just arrived at the entrance of the hotel,

They can see at least seven or eight scantily clad women standing at the door,

These women will wave as soon as they see a man driving,

And the male driver will immediately stop beside them and put down the window to “exchange” a few words with them.

The content of the exchange is to provide information on the kind of service and how much pay is needed.

If a deal is made, the woman will get into the man’s passenger side,

Or with the man to the motel room, together with the completion of the dirty deal.

Adam eyed the surroundings and frowned in disgust.

At this time, several street girls also found their convoy,

Some of them are still more or less self-aware,

They know that they are a few dozen dollars a pr0stitute, it is impossible to get the owner of the Rolls-Royce’s favor.

But there are also some women who are too high on drugs,

Confidently come to the side of the Rolls-Royce knocking on the window, constantly scratching their heads.

However, no matter how they knock, the driver of the first few Rolls-Royce did not open the window.

So, a few people knocked on the windows next to each other, all the way to the one where Adam was.

Adam through the window, looking at these thin, young women with rotten teeth.

He felt as if seeing a ghost, right from the car cursed:

“What the fcuk is all this sh!t! Get them out of here and keep them away from my car!”

The bodyguard on the passenger side turned back around and explained,

“Young master, these women are like that, we don’t need to care about them,”

“They won’t leave on their own without knocking on the window.”

Saying that, he added: “Do you see a lot of discarded disposable syringes on the ground by the roadside?”

“They are all used by these women, each of them is a drug addict,”

“Every day they come on the street to earn some money to eat, buy contraband,”

“Many of them have AIDS, we are safe if we do not open the window.”

“Fcuk!” Adam spit out revolting, angry curses, “really fcuking disgusting!”