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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4290 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4290 Start

Hattori Kazuo also gave up his life and went up and slapped Randal across the face,

Gritting his teeth and saying, “You bas5tards asked us to kidnap Mr. Wade’s woman,”

“That’s like pushing us into the fire! Fortunately, I didn’t make a big mistake,”

“Otherwise the whole Iga ninja would have disappeared from this earth!”

“I can’t even kill you to get rid of my hatred!”

Hattori Kazuo was right. He now hated this Randal like crazy.

If it wasn’t for him, how could he have come to America to wade through this mess?

Although he had saved his life, for now, he didn’t know how Charlie would punish him next?

Thinking of this, he walked forward in anger, ignoring Randal’s struggle,

Grabbed his hair, the dagger flew around two times at a very fast speed

Immediately afterward, Randal’s pig-killing howl was heard!

“Ah!!! My ears!!!”

On the ground, the two bl00dy ears were very eye-catching,

While Randal was desperately covering his ears, wailing repeatedly,

Blood was gushing out from his fingers, which was unbearable.

At this time, Joseph gave a wink to his men and said, “Treat his wounds.”

His men nodded and immediately took out a bottle of wound treating medicine to stop the bleeding,

Stepped forward and spread the powder on both sides of his wounds.

Joseph said to Hattori Kazuo:

“Pick up the things on the ground and go to the bathroom to wash them, I still need them.”

Hattori Kazuo did not dare to refuse, hastily bent down and picked up the two ears,

Walked to the next-door bathroom and washed them with water.

At this time, a helicopter landed in the courtyard of the villa.

Charlie stepped off the plane alone,

And then a soldier from the Cataclysmic Front stepped forward and said respectfully,

“Mr. Wade, the Supreme Commander is in the basement, please follow me.”

Charlie nodded, and under the soldier’s guidance, he arrived at the villa’s basement.

Pushing the door in, Joseph was standing in the center of the room,

While Randal had already had both of h!s ears cut off, wailing in pain while shivering all over.

When Joseph saw Charlie coming, he immediately said respectfully, “Mr. Wade!”

Charlie nodded, looked at Randal, and sneered, “Young Master Fei, we meet again.”

Only then did Randal see Charlie, and in this instant,

He couldn’t care less about the sharp pain coming from the root of his ear,

And said in shock: “You …… you are that Feng Shui guy?!”

Charlie laughed: “What? Are you surprised to see me?”

Randal’s brain is not enough to process all of this, he shot out this question:

“Who the h3ll are you? Why did you let the Cataclysmic Front tie me up here?”

“Why did you let them cut off my ears? Why?”

Charlie said indifferently, “There is no such thing as to why, they didn’t look good on you, right?”

Randal roared in anger, “I have no fcuking grudge against you!”

“What the fcuk do you mean by that? Aren’t you afraid that my family will retaliate against you?”

Charlie looked at him, eyes gradually cold, sternly asked:

“So many innocent girls who died at your hands,”

“And you have what grudge? And why did you work in cahoots with Jesse,”

“Hunting them and abusing them without any bottom line of conscience?

Speaking of this, Charlie’s voice raised a few points, angrily shouted:

“You do not have the eyes of a dog, how dare you even move your mind to Sara???”

“Do you know that Sara was engaged to me when she was three years old?”

“You could think of such a thing, are you not afraid of losing your life?

Randal was instantly struck by lightning, his eyes wide, unable to say a word.

He never thought in his wildest dreams that his deeply hidden matter would be learned by this feng shui master named Wade ……

He subconsciously tried to show some sophistry:

“I do not know what you are talking about! I, have never done the things you said!”

“I didn’t have any ill intentions towards Miss Gu either!”

Charlie said disdainfully, “Randal, do you still fcuking think that I run the court?”

“If you deny it, I won’t judge you? Since I got you here,”

“I won’t listen to a single word of explanation from you!”

Speaking of this, Charlie coldly said,

“Randal, I can tell you straightforwardly, you fell into my hands this time, you’re fcuking dead!”