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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4285 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4285 Start

In Duncan’s opinion, the surveillance records that were tampered with were only within the confines of the hotel,

But Leroy’s contact with the ninja outside the hotel must have been difficult to avoid all municipal surveillance.

Therefore, as long as Leroy could provide the time and place of his contact with the ninjas outside the hotel,

Duncan would be able to find out the visual data of these people.

Just when Duncan was mobilizing the police force and searching for image information based on Leroy’s confession,

Charlie had already left the Wangfu Hotel with Sara, Tasha, and Hogan.

Considering that the charity dinner had gone down the drain and there was no dinner at once,

Charlie proposed that everyone find a place to have dinner first.

He believed that Hogan must have something to say to him.

Moreover, he also wanted to hear what he has to suggest.

Hogan, too, really had a lot of questions to ask Charlie,

And Charlie let those ninjas kidnap the young master of the Fei family today,

This matter is not a joke, he was afraid that Charlie has made a bad handling, causing a big disaster.

So, he proposed: “Why not go to my place, although the food is a bit rudimentary,”

“But the place is convenient to talk.”

Charlie naturally has no opinion, so they looked at Sara,

Sara, while having a cheeky smile, said: “Uncle Zhong’s roast goose is the best, I have not had enough!”

Charlie smiled faintly and waved his hand, “Come, let’s go to Chinatown!”

Under the escort of the bodyguard, the four of them came to Chinatown.

At this time, Hogan’s store was already closed, and the man had already closed and left,

So Hogan invited Charlie and the others to the second floor, and he himself went to prepare the meal.

Charlie also received the information from Joseph at this time,

Hattori Kazuo and others, as well as Randal of the Fei family, were now under his control.

Charlie instructed him to make sure that all nine people were under control.

And not to let them have any contact with the outside world.

At the same time, he also instructed Joseph to draw more manpower to the vicinity of the Fei family’s property,

Because he believed that Jesse was now hiding in the Fei family.

Only the Fei family was too big and heavily guarded,

It was easy for the Front to hit in, but if they wanted to sneak in silently to find Jesse, it was almost impossible.

Once the commotion gets too big, the Front will definitely reveal its whereabouts.

This time, Charlie does not want to directly let the Cataclysmic Front exposed,

If the Cataclysmic Front is exposed now, later when they have come to the United States to compete with the Routhschild family,

There is one less trump card to catch the other side off guard.

The best solution is to lay a net around the Fei family and wait for that son of a b!tch Jesse to get himself in!


Ten minutes later, Hogan walked upstairs with the meal.

After preparing the meal, Hogan greeted everyone to eat, and after everyone sat down,

He looked at Charlie and asked in a lowered voice:

“Young Master Wade, I don’t quite understand one thing, why were those ninjas so afraid of you?”

Charlie laughed, “Have you heard about the matter of the Wade family being sought for revenge,”

“By the Cataclysmic Front some time ago?”

Hogan nodded and said, “I only heard about it afterward,”

“They said that the Wade family gave up half of its assets to the Cataclysmic Front to escape a disaster,”

“So when I saw you today, I never mentioned this matter.”

Charlie waved his hand and said casually, “This is just a rumor that I deliberately let out,”

“The real situation is just the opposite,”

“Not only did the Wade family not give up half of its assets to the Cataclysmic Front,”

“The Cataclysmic Front is loyal to me instead,”

“I just don’t want the Wade family to attract the wind, that’s why there is this rumor.”