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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4281 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4281 Start

The bodyguard’s words caused Jesse to panic a little.

He subconsciously asked, “Who are the dead people?

The bodyguard shook his head and said, “This is unclear.”

After saying that, he did not care to talk to Jesse anymore and hurriedly left.

Jesse’s brain subconsciously spun rapidly as he thought to himself,

“Randal has disappeared, who did this? What about those Iga ninjas? Could they be the ones who died?”

To Jesse, he had never thought that the eight Iga ninjas he had found would have done it to Randal.

Therefore, he speculated in his heart that the odds were that Randal had been kidnapped by other enemies.

Jesse has done a lot of bad things in his life, but the disappearance of Randal,

He could swear to the world on his chest, absolutely nothing to do with him.

It is rare for him to encounter anything that can be as conscientious as this matter.

Therefore, he did not worry at all that Randal’s disappearance would have anything to do with him,

The only worry was that if something really happened to Randal, he might temporarily lose his blessing.

In that case, in case the murderer who killed his brother is still after him, then he might be in big trouble.

However, when he thought about it, he felt that he should not worry too much for the time being.

After all, he is living in the Fei family, these days are all full of peace and quiet,

It proves that the other party has not been able to investigate the Fei family, he is still safe.

So, what he needs to do next is to continue to spend as much time as possible in the Fei family,

Regardless of whether Randal can return safely or not.

This is not a difficult task for Jesse, because Randal arranged him in the villa that the Fei family has moved out of,

The villa has been idle, so as long as he does not set foot out of it, the Fei family probably can not pay attention to him.

Even if they do, it doesn’t matter, he can tell this family openly that he is a friend of Randal,

And the Fei family will not kick him out.


And at the same time, the Fei family Wangfu Hotel.

The New York police had already gathered all the staff of the banquet hall, all of them.

Duncan concluded that there must be a ninja’s inside man among them,

And now the top priority is to find out this inside man.

And Duncan’s approach is also very simple and brutal,

He did not follow the normal process, first looking for the person in charge Leroy to understand the situation,

But Leroy also as one of the suspects, together with other staff members, all grouped into the crowd is there.

In this way, he did not have to listen to anyone’s side of the story, directly from the crowd to find out what the problem was.

What Duncan did was to have his police officers first take a few high-definition frontal photos of each person,

After which he had someone pick one of these people first and bring him to the next room,

So that after he had looked at all the photos of everyone,

He asked him if there was anyone among the people present who he had clearly seen today but was not present at the scene now.

If the other party said no, he was temporarily taken to a corner,

Guarded by police officers, and was not allowed to communicate with anyone,

Thus ensuring that he could not conspire with others.

The dozen or so people who were questioned at the beginning were all official employees of the Wangfu Hotel,

And when Leroy put Kazuo Hattori and the others in, he also intended for them not to have any contact with the older employees,

So the older employees did not see that eight people were missing from the scene.

Soon, it was the turn of a temporary worker who had just been hired to help today.

This temporary worker is a young Chinese, he was originally a foreign student in an ordinary university in New York,

His family sold their property to send him to study abroad,

Hoping that he could achieve something, but did not expect that he gradually lost himself after coming to the United States,

Every day immersed in spending and drinking and simply waiting for his parents,

Who remit his tuition fee which is all squandered.

Because he couldn’t pay the tuition fee, he was expelled from the school as a matter of course.

According to the U.S. visa policy, once expelled from the school,

The visa will be invalid, in this case, according to the normal process, you can only leave the U.S. and then find a way.

However, this young man had no face to go home to face his parents.

So he went black in New York.