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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4278 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4278 Start

A slight pause.

Duncan said: “All the staff here tonight are taken away to investigate,”

“The focus should be to check the number of people who have not been reduced,”

“To let each person identify the others, to see if there is a lack of manpower, some people missing!”

People immediately do as they are told, Duncan then said to Charlie:

“Because you are the only indirect witnesses who were at the scene,”

“Although not eyewitnesses, but it is also very helpful to us to solve the case,”

“So later you all will come with our car to take a trip to make a statement.”

Charlie said: “Miss Gu is a public figure, this time in and out of the police station,”

“In case word gets out, the media we do not know how it will fabricate fake news to gain attention, so it is not very convenient.”

Saying that, Charlie added: “How about this, we go back to the hotel first,”

“If you want a statement, come to the hotel, we will certainly cooperate fully.”

Duncan nodded and said, “That’s good, when I arrange things at the scene, I’ll bring someone to visit the hotel.”

Charlie asked him, “Then can we leave now?”


On the side, Adam said discontentedly, “My son is still unaccounted for,”

“And before my son is found, no one is allowed to leave!”

Charlie frowned and asked rhetorically, “On what grounds?!”

After saying that, he did not talk more nonsense with Adam, immediately looked at Duncan and said seriously:

“Inspector Li, I now seriously suspect that this matter is premeditated, and the Fei family is highly suspect!”

Adam gritted his teeth and roared, “What did you say?!”

Charlie repeated: “I said, the Fei family has a great suspicion!”

Adam was annoyed in his heart and was about to speak up,

But Duncan on the side asked very seriously, “Why do you think so?”

Charlie said seriously: “The matter itself is very strange, the young master of the Fei family,”

“Insisted on inviting Miss Gu to the charity dinner,”

“But deliberately said that she would be invited to be a mystery guest,”

“So the vast majority of people outside simply did not know that Miss Gu is here,”

“And they also deliberately arranged us in this kind of lounge without even a window,”

“Saying something about waiting for the right moment.”

“Before The first time I saw you, it was a little bit of a nuisance. As if there is some kind of conspiracy.”

Speaking of which, Charlie added: “And, what’s even weirder is that not long after we came in,”

“There was no signal on the phone, and now there’s still no signal!”

“I seriously suspect that someone has blocked the wireless communication here!”

Hearing this, Duncan subconsciously took out his cell phone to take a look, and indeed, there was no signal or service at all!

He immediately frowned and shouted out of the blue:

“Johnson, block the entire banquet hall, use professional equipment to check and see where the shield actually is!”

At this time, a police officer quickly ran over and spoke:

“Detective, we just confirmed the surveillance records,”

“All the surveillance images near this lounge were replaced in advance, using the relevant images from the last banquet five days ago.”

Duncan frowned and asked, “Such a big problem, the security department did not find it?!”

The officer replied, “We consulted the security guards on duty in the monitoring room,”

“They said they did not know that there were important VIPs tonight and thought that the VIP room was free today,”

“So their attention was not near the VIP room at all,”

“So when these monitoring probes were playing the video recorded a few days ago, they did not find anything unusual.”