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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4276 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4276 Start

In this instant, Adam Fei couldn’t help but wonder if Sara had anything to do with this matter,

And whether she could be behind the scenes masterminding all this.

So, he said to the hotel manager: “Let that Miss Gu open the door, I have something to ask her!”

The person in charge of the hotel said, “Back to the young master,”

“Just now the person beside Miss Gu said they will only open the door when the police arrives on the scene.”

“How dare they!” Adam said furiously and angrily,

“Doesn’t she know that this is Fei family’s territory?”

After saying that, he stepped forward and kicked the door of the VIP lounge, and said, “Open the door!”

Charlie spoke from inside: “We will only talk to the police,”

“So keep away from us we have nothing to do with you!”

“As for such unqualified guys, get as far away as possible!”

Adam became furious.

His son’s disappearance had already made him angry and anxious,

But he didn’t think that a guy whose name he didn’t know dared to ridicule him from inside the door,

So he cursed furiously: “How dare you talk to me like that, do you know who I am?”

Charlie said disdainfully, “I don’t know who you are,”

“And I don’t want to know who you are if you can understand human language,”

“Please stay away from us, we will only communicate with the police, no one else even if you are the president.”

Adam was shaking with anger, he gets two hundred percent respect no matter where he is,

He never thought he would be ignored by an unknown guy now, his heart was on fire,

He gritted his teeth and shouted: “What you have to do now is to honestly tell me everything you know,”

“Don’t wait for some bull5hit police! In my family’s territory, who the h3ll are the New York police?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a middle-aged man spoke in an unkind tone,

“Young master Fei, I don’t think the NYPD has ever offended you, right?”

Adam subconsciously turned around and saw a middle-aged Chinese man.

All in the suit with more than a dozen police officers striding over.

As soon as Adam saw him, his expression was a little ugly and he said,

“So it’s Sheriff Li, Sheriff Li you are a real detective,”

“Your nose is really good, you came here so quickly.”

The one who is called “Sheriff Li” is the very famous Chinese Sheriff Duncan Li of New York.

Duncan is very famous in New York, not only is he the highest division chief of the New York Police Department,

But also the detective with the highest crime-solving rate in New York.

However, Adam and Duncan has not been very close,

Mainly because the Fei family has always wanted to cooperate with Duncan,

To engage in collusion between business and government, so as to facilitate their future actions.

But Duncan has not given face to the Fei family, he does not care whether,

One is the Hilton family or the Fei family, the An family, in front of him, shall not become a stumbling block to justice.

Although the Fei family is very strong, but after all settled in New York,

So it is inevitable that they deal with the New York police, Duncan is the most headache for them.

At this time, Duncan walked up to Adam and said indifferently,

“Young master Fei, we received a report of a serious murder case here, so we rushed over to investigate.”

After saying that, he pointed to the seven corpses on the ground,

Looked around and asked, “Who can explain to me what is going on here?”

“When did these people die, what is the time of death, who is the first witness?”

Charlie opened the door and said, “I called the police, the person died about ten minutes ago,”

“I heard the movement outside, opened the door, and found these people dead.”

At this time, Adam stared at Charlie, his heart was very hot,

He heard Charlie’s voice, just now, and his dislike shot through the door for this kid!