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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4274 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4274 Start

The person in charge of the hotel came to hear the news,

Although he himself was scared half to death, but still hardened his head to try to calm these bodyguards,

After all, once this kind of thing goes to the police,

The world will see this as a Fei family scandal, and who would have to take the responsibility in the end?

However, these Sara’s security is even less flexible,

Seeing people dead, the first thing they want is to call 911.

Seeing that the situation was completely out of control,

The hotel manager hurriedly withdrew from the crowd and immediately contacted Randal’s father, Adam Fei.

Adam was hosting several business partners at a top restaurant in Manhattan,

When he heard that his son was missing and that too in his own hotel, he was shocked.

The NYPD, that is, the New York Police Department,

After learning of the shooting case that led to the death of seven people at the Wangfu Hotel,

Also quickly sent a large number of police officers to the scene,

At the same time also sent a very high-ranking detective in a police helicopter to lead the investigation.

A few minutes later, Adam could not hide his panic rushed over,

The head of the hotel with a group of staff members rushed to welcome, ashamed to say:

“Young master, subordinates’ work is unfavorable, please blame me ……”

Adam black-faced, raised his hand, and slapped the person in charge,

His tone extremely gloomy scolded: “Speak! What the h3ll is going on!”

The person in charge of the hotel almost collapsed and cried:

“Young master, I am not sure of the details,”

“I only know that young master has disappeared, his assistant,”

“And six security company bodyguards were killed, and the murderer is also missing ……”

Adam gave another slap hard on his face, turned to look at Lewis,”

“Meet up to slap him, angrily rebuked:

“Surnamed Qin, our Fei family gives your division so much funding every year,”

“You were responsible to protect my son. You can not do it, what the fcuk are you eating?

Lewis was at least a four-star martial artist,

So when he was beaten with such a slap, he was naturally very angry in his heart.

But he also knew very well that even if Adam did not have any cultivation, he hit him, he could only take it.

So, he looked at a middle-aged man following Adam,

Who is Adam’s personal bodyguard, Karl’s senior brother, and Lewis’s senior uncle Parker Zhang?

Parker’s expression at this time is also a bit helpless,

Randal is the kind of person, he more or less understands,

His own nephew followed him, indeed not less teased.

The key is, knowing that being teased, there is no way to deal with it.

At this point, Lewis said aggrieved: “Mr. Fei, I’m not going to lie,”

“Since I was sent by the master to protect young master Fei, young master Fei has been very wary of me,”

“Many things he did not tell me, many times did not let me follow him,”

“And even often left me alone, I simply can not close to protect his safety!”

Said, Lewis tone also filled with complaints said:

“Half a month ago, he told me to go to Los Angeles for vacation,”

“Arranged two helicopters from home to take off to JFK, when he let me sit in the other helicopter first,”

“The result: His helicopter took off, halfway suddenly switch direction to LaGuardia Airport,”

“I found his aircraft yawning, immediately Let the pilot turn around,”

“But the pilot simply did not listen to me, directly pulled me to JFK,”

“And when I took a taxi to LaGuardia Airport, his plane had long since taken off ……”

“Even today, he made an appointment with me on the way here,”

“So that I can never leave the banquet hall without his orders,”

“Otherwise I would have to go to my uncle to sue, what can I do?”

Parker saw Lewis’s mentality a little collapse, quickly spoke:

“Lewis, now is not the time to whine, hurry up and say whether you have any findings at the scene?

Lewis adjusted his emotions and said,

“The seven dead, all have traces of being hit by a concealed weapons,”

“It looks like the Japanese ninja’s hand sword.”

Adam frowned and asked in a cold voice: “What did you say? Japanese ninja?!”