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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4272 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4272 Start

The agreement was to open the shield when the ninjas do it, then a quick move,

How come the shield is on for a long time, and Sara is still not controlled?

If they let Sara escape, would not it be a waste of effort?

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said: “You quickly go to keep her there, say you should not let her go,”

“Say that the signal problem is our equipment failure, already working on repair!”

Evan said with difficulty: “Young master, Miss Gu has got up to leave,”

“If I go to keep her there, afraid that people simply do not give me face, originally Miss Gu just want to go directly,”

“I took your name to pressure them, Miss Gu only slightly give in,”

“Said to explain to you face to face, if you do not go over, I think they will certainly go straight away!”

“Danm it!” Randal almost exploded with anger!

He did not know what the ninjas were up to, but he could not let Sara go.

Thinking of this, his mind can hardly think deeply, and quickly said to Evan: “Come, you come with me!”

At this moment, Randal only thought about how to stabilize Sara first,

And then find a way to contact the ninjas to see if things could still be salvaged.

Therefore, he also did not even think about the possibility that this was a trap against him.

Moreover, this is the Fei family’s territory, and Randal is not worried about any danger in his own territory.

What’s more, in Randal’s opinion, this kind of thing is naturally the fewer people who know about it,

The better, so he walked quickly to the VIP room together with Evan.

As soon as he arrived at the VIP room, he saw that Sara was already standing at the entrance of the VIP room,

Accompanied by Charlie and the others.

When Randal saw Sara, he couldn’t help but ask:

“Hey Miss Gu, what’s wrong with you? Why are you suddenly leaving without saying goodbye?”

“It’s my turn to give a speech on stage, I will introduce you to all the guests as a heavyweight guest,”

“If you leave at this time, I can’t get off the stage ……”

Sara did not say anything, just eyes full of anger staring at him.

And at this time, Charlie sneered and spoke,

“Young master Fei need not worry about not being able to get off the stage,”

“Because you no longer have the opportunity to go up!”

Randal’s eyes widened and asked offhandedly, “What do you …… you mean?!”

The words just fell, only to hear a few air-breaking sounds from behind him,

Before he could return to his senses, his assistant, Evan, beside him, fell straight forward.

With a boom, Evan fell to the ground and did not move,

And only then did Randal discover with horror that four black daggers had been inserted into Evan’s back.

The daggers were the hand swords shot out by Hattori Kazuo!

Randal was terrified and was about to call for help when he was instantly subdued from behind,

Followed by a heavy blow to the neck, and he passed out.

Hattori Kazuo immediately went forward to hold the unconscious Randal,

And hurriedly said to Charlie: “Master Wade, I’ll take him away first!”

Charlie nodded and said, “Bring the six corpses back!”

Hattori Kazuo did not dare to disobey and hurriedly gave a wink to the others who had already revealed their forms.

So, several people quickly got Randal on the garbage truck,

And quickly dragged the six bodies back again and left them at the door.

At this point, the six people’s figures and postures were almost exactly the same as when they were first killed by Hattori Kazuo.

After Charlie examined the scene, he gave Hattori Kazuo Hattori his contact information and instructed,

“Contact him after you go out and give him the men.”

“Okay Master Wade!” Hattori Kazuo had already gone out of his way, nodded hastily, and hurriedly fled the scene.

And at this time, Charlie said to Sara, Hogan, and Tasha,

“You three go back to your room and sit down first, the time to test your acting skills has come.”

The three looked at each other, then hurriedly returned to the sofa and sat down.

At this time, Charlie also retreated into the room and closed the door gently.

In the next second, he suddenly pulled open the room door,

Took a look at the corpses of the six bodyguards and an assistant on the floor, and shouted loudly, “Heyyyy! Someone got killed!”