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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4270 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4270 Start

So Randal will be rest assured about the boldness of the speech on stage,

Speaking at the end, or the public announcement of tonight’s heavyweight VIPs, and then have the VIPs on the stage.

However, since Sara would have been kidnapped and all the people around her had been killed,

The situation would be that he would have said on stage that he would invite the VIPs to appear, the VIPs would be late.

At this time, he will be directly on stage to the two presidents and say,

“I guess the VIP did not hear the words just now,”

Let them hurry to the VIP lounge to invite them to appear.

Immediately after, the two presidents would find that the VIP lounge,

Save for a pile of corpses, there is no shadow of Sara?

So, the scene would be in chaos, and as the host himself, he would have to be in a state of crisis,

And after seeing the tragic events that has occurred,

He would first call the police and first ask his men to close the entire banquet building so that the suspects would not escape.

Subsequently, a large number of police officers would quickly arrive,

Then investigate the scene, and finally find Leroy as a major suspect,

Take him back for interrogation, and finally, the direction of things would completely be put on Leroy, completely away from Randal.

Because everything has long been interlocking arrangements,

So Randal at this time is particularly worried that the gang of ninjas will have an accident.

So, already a little subdued, he took out his specially prepared new phone and sent a message to Jesse: “Still no movement?”

Jesse quickly replied, “I haven’t received any news yet.”

Randal urged, “Ask what’s going on! I’m about to give a speech on stage! Five minutes at most!”

Jesse naturally knew what it meant for Randal to speak on stage,

So he immediately made a call to Hattori Kazuo.

However, at the other end of the line, it was temporarily unavailable.

Jesse panicked, he knew that signal shielding equipment is installed near Sara’s,

Now can not reach Hattori Kazuo’s phone, which means that Hattori Kazuo’s gang is still on the scene!

If Kazuo Hattori is still at the scene, it means that he has not been able to get it!

Thinking of this, Jesse was even more nervous.

The most critical thing was that he could not contact Kazuo Hattori at all,

So he had no idea about the specifics of the scene.

So, he immediately sent a message back to Randal: “Young Master Fei,”

“I can’t contact the ninjas now …… you send a trusted man over to see if there’s been any accident …… “

“Fcuk!” Randal saw these contents, immediately replied:

“You fcuking swear that there is no problem, everything is under control,”

“You son of an idiot! If anything goes wrong in this matter, I’ll fcuking kill you!”

After sending the message, although he thought more and more angry,

But still did not dare to delay, immediately called his most trusted assistant over and whispered:

“Go to the VIP lounge to see if there is anything, if there is, immediately come to tell me!”

“Yes, young master!” The assistant didn’t dare to delay, he got up and rushed to the VIP lounge.

Disguised as waiters, Hattori Kazuo and others secretly observed this person’s approach,

But once they thought of Charlie’s instructions that they must not make any rash moves,

Without seeing the young master of the Fei family, they did not make any moves.

The assistant came all the way to the entrance of the VIP lounge,

And to his surprise, the door was open at this time,

And Charlie was persuading Sara with bitter words,

“Miss Gu, I suggest you listen to the bodyguard’s advice and hurry up!”

Sara said with a difficult face, “Just going straight away, it’s not appropriate, right ……”

Charlie waved his hand and said, “What’s inappropriate, safety is important!”

Randal’s assistant was slightly stunned and hurriedly came forward and asked,

“Miss Gu, where are you going?”