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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 427 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 427 Start

When Orvel saw that Charlie was a little angry, he hurriedly waved to his opponent and said coldly: “Hit me hard!”

A group of strong guys immediately surrounded Zeng, punched and kicked, until he was dying of breath, which was regarded as a stop.

Zeng lay on the ground and yelled, even worse still to come, Mr. Orvel said coldly: “I’ll give you half a day to leave Aurous Hill. If I see you tomorrow after daybreak, I will kill you!”

The dying Zeng choked weakly: “Fifth Lord, can you give me two days of grace and let me heal the injury before leaving…”

“Go to the field for treatment!” Orvel said coldly, “Call your family and directly hire an ambulance to take you away. Just stay away from Aurous Hill! If you die in another place, don’t let your ashes brought back to Aurous Hill for burial, otherwise I will take you out of the grave, and lifted your ashes!”

Zeng was frightened as if he had gone mad, convulsing on the ground for a long time.

This is so cruel!

Hurry up and kill!

People are not allowed to come back, and the ashes are not allowed to come back even? !

At this moment, Zeng really wanted to die.

But there is no way, he himself knows that he is to blame.

Issac allowed him to be in charge of the Champs Elysees Hot Springs so that he would serve the customers well. It was good for him. In order to favor individual customers, he took the Champs Elys security to try to beat other customers. This is serious negligence in itself!

What’s more, he also provoked a distinguished guest who even Issac was very respectful. It would be considered kindness if he didn’t want his life!

So he could only tremble and took out his cell phone, crying and calling his family, asking them to find an ambulance and send him to the next city for treatment.

Once Zeng was settled, Orvel looked at Charlie in kindness and smiled: “Mr. Charlie, do you want me to accompany you in to check-in?”

Charlie shook his head and said, “Forget it, you can handle it here, I can go inside by myself.”

Orvel nodded quickly and said, “Then I would leave. If there is anything wrong with Mr. Charlie, please call me at any time.”

Charlie nodded, then looked at Claire and Elsa, and said, “Let’s go.”

Only then did Elsa come back to her senses, looking at Charlie’s eyes, full of unconcealed love and admiration.

This man is like this, every gesture can give people an infinite sense of security…

As long as he is by her side, she is particularly at ease in her heart, even if the sky is falling, she won’t be afraid.


Champs Elys Spa is a Japanese-style private hot spring.

The customer has a private suite. Behind the suite is a courtyard covering an area of ​​100 square meters, and the private hot spring is located in this courtyard.

The water in the hot spring pool is drawn from the eyes of the underground hot spring and flows continuously into the hot spring pool 24 hours a day, keeping the temperature very suitable.

Issac knew that Charlie was here, and hurriedly arranged for the hotel people to upgrade their room to the best set of top-notch suites. There are two super-large and luxurious bedrooms. Even the hot springs are much larger than other places. The scenery is much more beautiful.

After entering the room, Claire and Elsa looked at the surroundings and immediately became happy. Elsa hurriedly urged Claire and said, “Claire, change your swimsuit quickly. Let’s go to the hot spring to relieve our fatigue!”

“Hmm!” Claire was also very happy, and immediately nodded and agreed.

Charlie originally thought about having a chance to see the beauty of his wife changing her swimsuit, but he didn’t expect that the two went to the same room…