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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4269 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4269 Start

Hogan’s analysis made Charlie exclaim: “Uncle Chen, your idea is really great! Let’s do as you say!”

At this time, Tasha couldn’t help but speak up,

“Mr. Wade …… just now, didn’t that Hattori Kazuo say that that s(um named Jesse was waiting for him to take us to the pier?”

“Why not catch Randal here first, and then go to the pier to catch that Jesse?”

“What’s the point of going to all this trouble?”

Hogan smiled and said, “Miss Tasha, the reality is different from the movies,”

“In “Gangster”, Chen Haonan became the leader and often personally led his disciples to chop people up.”

“Responsible for the hands, the brain is only responsible for moving the brain,”

“How can the conductor behind the scenes risk putting himself in danger?”

Charlie also nodded and said, “If Jesse would personally go to the pier to do the hand over from the Iga ninja,”

“Then this person would not be able to live today, in my opinion,”

“Not only will he not go to the pier, but he has also even made a complete plan,”

“Maybe when the ninja gang appears, they will directly kill them.”

Tasha awkwardly smiled twice: “Well …… am I thinking too much ……”

After saying that, she asked Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, then how are you sure that Randal will definitely come over?”

“In case he is late, then won’t the plan go down the drain?”

Charlie said seriously, “It depends on who is the first to sulk.”

Saying that, he looked at Sara and smiled, “Sara, help me perform the play later!”


At this moment, Hattori Kazuo and others had already loaded all the bodies,

Of the six bodyguards into the garbage truck through the internal passage prepared in advance.

In order to ensure that the matter would not be revealed,

Hattori Kazuo had long forced Leroy to clear all the area in this vicinity,

So there were no other staff activities in this area, which greatly facilitated them.

Afterward, Hattori Kazuo and others, in accordance with Charlie’s orders,

Reassumed their roles as waiters and returned to the vicinity of the VIP room to continue their cleaning work.

And at this time, inside the banquet hall, Randal was anxiously waiting for the news that the ninja had gotten the job done.

Originally, the plan Jesse had made was that after Hattori Kazuo had gotten his hands on the work,

He would take the man away in the garbage truck, and at this time would send a text message.

To Jesse informing him that things had worked,

Jesse would reply with a coded message to Randal, relaying the good news to him.

This way, Randal does not have to have any contact with Hattori Kazuo throughout the whole process,

When the person disappears, Leroy has to take the black pot of blame,

He only needs to pretend that he does not know anything, no one will associate himself with him.

Therefore, Randal is now only looking forward to Jesse’s reply.

However, seeing that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce’s Vice President Luan has finished speaking,

President Lu has also reached the halfway point, and it will be his turn to speak on stage.

But still did not receive any news, the efficiency of this ninja is really disappointing for him.

At this time, his mood got more nervous.

He was nervous, not in front of so many people to address, but he knew very well,

According to his original plan about Sara, with the Chinese Business Association,

After the speech of the two presidents of the association, the process is followed by his speech at the end.

And here he would announce in public tonight’s charity dinner and the intro of a heavyweight VIP.

Immediately after, he will be on stage to announce that there is a heavyweight guest on stage.

At this time, Sara will come out of the lounge, directly step on stage,

To the audience to drop a heavy bomb, the charity dinner tonight will go to the climax.

Of course, this process is under the premise of no surprises.

The real process is that Hattori Kazuo has to complete his task and kidnap Sara before Randal takes the stage.

Subsequently, if he received the coded message back from Jesse,