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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4267 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4267 Start

Hattori Kazuo now could only cross his heart and follow Charlie all the way to the black,

So he gave up and said through clenched teeth, “Okay, Master Wade! I will do everything you say!”

Charlie in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong,

Took out the cell phone and opened the information sent by Joseph,

Opened Randal’s photo, handed it to Hattori Kazuo and several people, and instructed:

“Remember this person, later if he brings people over, you wait for him to come in,”

“Take out all his men, if he comes himself, then directly kidnap him and bring him to me, understand? “

Hattori Kazuo dare not to say anything anymore, nodded hastily and said,

“Master Wade don’t worry, I understand ……”

Charlie nodded and added: “If he lets people come to explore the truth,”

“You do not have to do it, directly let people in.”

“Okay!” Hattori Kazuo solemnly agreed, and carefully stared at Randal’s photo before speaking,

“Master Wade, I’ve memorized Randal’s looks!”

Charlie nodded slightly, waved his hand, and said,

“Since you have already remembered clearly, then this is no longer your business, all go out!”

Hattori Kazuo breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said,

“Master Wade, then I will first leave ……”

After saying that, he hurriedly led the seven people to retreat out.

As soon as they left, Sara asked impatiently, “Charlie, that Randal, why would he kidnap me?

Charlie coldly said: “I was tracking the whereabouts of that Jesse when I was in Canada,”

“But this kid disappeared after coming to New York, just now I learned that this Randal,”

“Is actually Jesse’s superior, they specialize in brutalizing young girls for fun,”

“And via extremely ruthless means, you should have been their next target.”

Sara gritted her teeth and said, “This evil is too vicious!”

“He put on such a big show to deceive me! It’s so hateful!”

Charlie smiled faintly and said, “Sara, don’t worry, I will make him pay the maximum price.”

Sara couldn’t help but ask: “Charlie, what are your next plans? Is it to kidnap that Randal?”

Charlie nodded and said firmly, “I will definitely not let them go,”

“But right now I don’t know the exact whereabouts of Jesse, so since Randal is here,”

“Why not take this opportunity to give him a trick first!”

Sara hastily reminded, “Charlie, this Fei family is strong,”

“In North America, it is second only to the An family of Chinese families,”

“If you move their young master, this matter will bring you trouble ……”

“Never mind.” Charlie casually laughed: “People are not kidnapped by us either, we are just witnesses.”

Hogan could not help but exclaim: “Young Master Wade, this solution is too good!”

“When that Randal comes over, those ninjas will kill his men and kidnap him,”

“And even the six bodyguards who died just now can all be counted on them as well!”

“We just need to play nice in front of the police,”

“And then we can watch the fire from the other side of the river!”

Saying that, Hogan added: “Young Master Wade, in that case,”

“I dare to suggest that you should not put these ninjas back if the Fei family traces them,”

“This matter will still be exposed sooner or later.”

Charlie nodded with approval and said, “There is indeed this layer of risk.”

After saying that, Charlie asked Hogan, “Uncle Chen, what good advice do you have?”

Hogan busily said, “I heard these ninjas just now say that the person who invited them here,”

“Is the one you’ve been trying to find, Jesse, right?”

“Right.” Charlie nodded his head.

Hogan added: “Young Master Wade, you have not been able to find the whereabouts of Jesse,”

“According to me, Jesse is probably hiding with the Fei family to advise Randal,”

“And the Fei family is powerful, has many industries, and is heavily guarded, so it is not easy to find him.”