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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4266 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4266 Start

Charlie nodded and said, “To tell you the truth, one of the masterminds behind this matter today is..”

“Randal Fei of the Fei family in New York, and he is here now,”

“So help me arrest him and transport him out according to the plan you just mentioned,”

“But not to Jesse, I will arrange for someone to meet with you and take him away, and after it is done,”

“The eight of you will go directly with my men, and they will protect you.”

Although Hattori Kazuo had never met Randal,

He was very clear about the reputation and strength of the Fei family in New York.

The strength of the Fei family was simply not comparable even to the Ito family in Japan,

Yet Charlie told him to capture the young master of the Fei family, which made him scared out of his mind.

So he panicked and cried and begged, “Master Wade …… we Iga ninja have always survived in the cracks,”

“Life is very hard, if we provoke the Fei family, it is likely to be the disaster of extinction for us…… “

Charlie sneered and sternly said, “Hattori Kazuo! For you, Iga ninjas, provoking the Fei family,”

“There just might be a disaster of extinction, but you provoked me, then what it might be!”

He said that and stood up, looked down at Hattori Kazuo, and said coldly:

“When the Su family was able to exterminate the Matsumoto family,”

“Even the son of Matsumoto Ryojin, who was taken away by his ex-wife for many years and changed his name,”

“Was not spared, how could I, Charlie, be inferior to them?”

“If you are determined to oppose me, then I will make the Iga ninja,”

“And all those who are related to the Iga, disappear from this world completely!”

When Hattori Kazuo heard Charlie’s words, he was struck by lightning and his liver and guts were split!

He knew Charlie’s strength.

Not to mention that Charlie himself was so powerful that killing Iga ninja was no different from killing a chicken.

The strength of the Cataclysmic Front under his command alone was so strong that it made him shudder!

If Charlie really wanted to exterminate the Iga ninja, then they definitely had the ability to complete Charlie’s order!

Hearing this, Hattori Kazuo had completely collapsed,

He knocked his head on the ground and cried out in pain, his whole body kept trembling as he sobbed.

When he came to America, he still carried the mission and vision of revitalizing the Iga ninja.

But now, the centuries-old heritage of the Iga ninja was likely to be destroyed.

If he did not agree to Charlie, the Iga ninja would completely disappear from this world,

And if he agreed to Charlie, he was afraid that he would spend the rest of his life,

Trying his best to avoid the Fei family’s pursuit, it was still unknown how many would survive.

This desperate situation had caused his emotions and mentality to completely collapse.

The other seven Iga ninjas were in the same mood.

Charlie, seeing that Hattori Kazuo was still not cooperating, said in a cold voice:

“Hattori Kazuo, we have an old saying that,

“‘good words are not enough to persuade a damn3d ghost’, since I have given you a way out and you don’t cherish it,”

“Then don’t blame me, for being merciless, you go first today,”

“Your father, brother, and other relatives, it won’t take long for them to accompany you!”

As soon as Charlie’s words came out, Hattori Kazuo immediately raised his head,

Emotionally broken down and cried, “Master Wade …… I am willing to cooperate! I am willing to cooperate!”

“Good!” Charlie nodded and said in a cold voice:

“You first dispose of the bodyguard’s corpse outside the door,”

“Then continue to go out disguised as a waiter, it won’t take long,”

“That Randal will definitely come over to see what’s going on, then you will directly do it,”

“First take out all the bodyguards around him, then take the person away.”

Hogan, who had not spoken, said in a low voice:

“Young Master Wade, a person of Randal’s level must have martial arts experts around him,”

“I’m afraid these ninjas are no match.”

Charlie agreed and said, “There is indeed this possibility.”

After saying that, Charlie looked at Hattori Kazuo and spoke,

“You don’t have to worry too much, if there are martial arts experts around the other party, I will solve it for you.”