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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4263 Free Novel

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Therefore, he could not accept that his benefactor’s only son would die here no matter what.

He felt that he had been languishing for more than 20 years,

And his death was nothing to be regretted, but Charlie is still young,

And he has the bloodline of Wade and An family, two of the phoenixes in his body,

So no matter what, he could not stand by and see him die here!

So, he immediately took out his cell phone and subconsciously prepared to call 911.

At this moment, he no longer cared whether Charlie would stop,

Or whether Charlie would be angry, in his opinion, to save Charlie’s life is the most important.

However, when he took out the phone and was about to unlock it,

He suddenly found that the top right corner of the phone was showing the word no service!

He exclaimed in his heart, “This is the center of New York!”

“How can there be no carrier signal? Could …… could ……”

“Could …… could they have blocked the cell phone signal?!”

Hogan was right in his guess.

Jesse was worried that in case the Iga ninja encountered a tangle during their operation,

Giving Sara time and opportunity to call the police, would greatly increase the difficulty of their operation.

In that case, as long as Sara called the police, all the plans would be ruined.

Therefore, he deliberately reminded Randal, in Sara’s room within a 20-meter radius, installed multiple signal shields.

This signal shield gives good isolation of radio signals,

Once turned on, whether it is cell phone signals or intercom signals, they will be completely cut off.

Moreover, he gave the remote control switch of the signal shield to Hattori Kazuo,

As soon as he felt that the time was right and ready to do it, he would immediately cut off the signal.

Just a minute ago. Two of Hattori Kazuo’s men, after passing by Sara’s room,

Walked out a few meters and accidentally spilled the red wine that they were going to bring to the front,

Which stained the pure wool woven carpet with a red stain,

So Hattori Kazuo immediately asked the two men to replace the carpet.

So, several people immediately carried out a brand new roll of carpet from the equipment room and prepared to replace it.

The six bodyguards at the door were a little wary of this,

But this waryness only made them pay more attention to the waiters,

And did not immediately make them aware of the approaching danger.

At this time, Hattori Kazuo suddenly pressed the remote control in his pocket,

The signal shield instantly began to work, and then,

He gave a wink to his men who were preparing to replace the carpet,

And several hands immediately reached into the rolled carpet.

The carpet at this time has more than a dozen hardened poison shuriken hidden in it.

This kind of cold weapon because of the quenching of blood-sealing poison,

The killing power is extremely strong and can be done without a sound.

When they each had four shurikens in their hands,

Several people exchanged a look with each other, and at that moment, Hattori Kazuo suddenly attacked!

He turned around instantly with great speed and shot out four shurikens in his hand aiming at two of the bodyguards.

The others followed immediately, and in a flash, nearly twenty shurikens raced towards the six bodyguards.

The six bodyguards realized that there was danger, and before their bodies could react,

They were already stabbed by the shuriken and they died instantly!

The whole process took less than two seconds!

Immediately after that, Hattori Kazuo quickly gave a wink to his men,

And the crowd immediately replenished the shuriken and flew towards the door of the VIP room.

At this moment, Sara and Tasha inside the room knew nothing about the danger outside the door.

Because, in the banquet hall next door, the charity dinner has officially started,

The sound of the host speaking, the sound of the applause on the scene,

So that they can not hear the movement outside the door.

And at this time, Tasha was wondering and muttering a sentence, “Huh, why is there no network ……”

On the other side, Hogan has been nervous to the extreme,

He knows the phone has no network, so it must be the other party ready to make a move,

They have missed the last opportunity, now he is afraid there is only one way to wait for death.

Only Charlie, with his keen senses, took in everything that was happening outside the door.

He recalled his experience when he faced the Iga family ninja in Japan,

And sensed that the weapon used by the other party outside should be the hand sword used by the Iga ninja at that time!

He couldn’t help but frown, and laughed playfully under his breath, “Huh, it’s actually a ninja!”

Saying that, in his hand, he already quietly held the soul-piercing blade.