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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4262 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4262 Start

Can not help but think: “Everywhere we are looking for this Jesse and can not find, so he came to New York to join Randal!”

“The Fei family is powerful, and New York is the Fei family’s backyard,”

“Their strength and resources in New York, can be compared to the Cataclysmic Front?”

“If Jesse had been hiding in the Fei family,”

“The Cataclysmic Front might not be able to find his whereabouts even if they searched for another month!”

Thus, Charlie was very firmly convinced that today’s charity dinner was a set up by Randal for Sara,”

“And it was even likely that Jesse was behind the plot!

At this moment, Charlie’s expression had become very ugly.

He really did not expect that the young master of the Fei family would be so bold as to dare to move even his sister!

At this time, Hogan also saw that Charlie’s expression was not right, and quickly whispered:

“Young Master Wade, if the other party really has bad intentions, just with a few bodyguards outside,”

“I’m afraid it’s difficult to deal with, and I speculate that the other party will definitely,”

“Choose to make a move on us when the charity dinner officially begins,”

“So it seems that we only have a five-minute window of time left. “

Saying that he immediately added: “I have a reprieve,”

“Call 911 immediately now and tell them that someone here is using explosives to plan a terrorist attack.”

“In New York, a terrorist attack is the highest level of incident,”

“Once the police receive an alarm related to a terrorist attack, the police are extremely serious,”

“The special operations team will arrive by helicopter within five minutes,”

“And within ten minutes of receiving the alarm,”

“The NYPD will at least draw more than three hundred police officers from the surrounding area to the scene to support;”

“What’s more, this is the Fei family’s property,”

“The young master of the Fay family is here tonight,”

“The police will only take it more seriously and will not rest until the place is turned upside down!”

“By then, the massive influx of SWAT and police will be able to completely disrupt their plans for tonight,”

“And we’ll be safe for now!”

Hearing this, Charlie couldn’t help but be surprised by Hogan’s response speed.

He did not expect that Hogan would be able to come up with a series of solutions in such a short period of time.

The 9/11 time that shocked the world back then happened in New York and was a permanent pain for the city,

So he believed what Hogan said, once the city’s police received the alarm about the terrorist attack,

They would definitely do everything they could to respond quickly.

What’s more, this is still the Fei family’s territory,

The young master of the Fei family is holding a banquet here tonight,

If there is really an attack, the consequences are unimaginable.

This will definitely make the police more nervous.

Therefore, the feasibility of this solution is almost 100%.

However, Charlie was not going to use Hogan’s method.

He smiled faintly and said to Hogan: “Uncle Chen, catching adult3ry in bed,”

“Catching thieves to catch stolen goods! If you don’t catch the thief,”

“But want to run away with your property, you can run away for a while,”

“But not for a lifetime, as long as the thief is still here, he will keep thinking about your property.”

After hearing this, Hogan said with horror:

“Young Master Wade, the other party is the young master of the Fei family,”

“We don’t know how many top experts are working under him,”

“With our bodyguards alone, I’m afraid we are not their opponents,”

“For us now the most important thing is to retreat in one piece, and then think of countermeasures,”

“Stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood … … …”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile,

“Uncle Chen, don’t worry, don’t care if he’s a baboon or a monkey, as long as I’m here, no one can do anything!”

Hogan did not understand this response, he had told Charlie the extent of the danger of the matter without reservation,

But Charlie was not moved in the slightest.

He could not help but secretly sigh: “Young master Wade would not really think that he could control such a situation ……”

Thinking of this, he could not help but stifle:

“Compared with the young master Changying, although the young master Wade is courageous,”

“But the big picture is still much worse ……”

“If we can not escape today, the young master Changying will not be extinct?”

Hogan thought to this point, the whole person got an electric shock.

He knew that Changying only had one son, Charlie, and moreover,

It was only today that he knew that Charlie was actually alive.