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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4259 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4259 Start

Charlie smiled and said casually:

“It’s not really young and promising, but just some friends, if Mr. Luan has any feng shui needs, you can find me.”

Micky does not believe in feng shui secret arts at all, so he is not a fan of Charlie,

But his mouth smilingly said, “Okay, good, since Master Wade said so, I will also give you a chance to hold the show.”

Charlie saw that he did not like himself, a few words of courtesy is just going through the motions,

This buddy really wants to invite him to get to his feng shui set, he will not give him a d*mn.

This sort of double standard where your feelings are different from what you actually express with your mouth.

But in the heart, the other party is sure that they will not see him in the future.

So, Charlie simply said, “Sorry Mr. Luan, I have a full schedule recently, if you really have feng shui needs, I can help you recommend another feng shui master.”

Micky did not expect Charlie to speak so bluntly, his heart was somewhat upset, thinking:

“I am just being polite with you to give you face, but you took it seriously?”

“You think I would really ask you to come to me to see the feng shui?”

So, Micky smiled and said, “It’s okay, since Master Wade has had no time recently, let’s wait for the next opportunity.”

When saying this, Micky thought in his heart: “This kid is probably a charlatan, I have to take the time to remind Sara, don’t fall for this kind of fraud.”

Randal said smilingly: “The dinner will start in a moment, why don’t we go in first,”

“We have prepared a VIP lounge for Miss Gu, Miss Gu will be honored to rest there for a moment,”

“And then make an appearance after the dinner starts, or give a surprise to the other guests outside.”

Saying that, Randal added: “Right now, except for the three of us, the other two hundred guests do not know that Miss Gu is the mysterious guest of honor tonight,”

“I believe that when Miss Gu makes her appearance, it will definitely cause a huge sensation.”

Sara had known about his arrangement, so she didn’t have a problem with it,

Nodded gently and said politely, “Thank you for your hard work, Young Master Fei.”

Randal laughed, “It’s all as it should be.”

Saying that, he hurriedly made an invitation gesture and said, “Miss Gu please!”

Sara nodded, and the bodyguard came forward and said to Sara,

“Miss Gu, we have checked inside, it is all safe, and there are still security personnel arranged by Young Master Fei inside,”

“So we will not send too many people inside, I plan to let six team members go in with you,”

“And the rest will be on standby at the front and back doors.”

Sara didn’t doubt that there would be any problem with her security, so she agreed to do so.

Afterward, she took Charlie, Hogan, and her assistant Tasha, then followed Randal and the others inside.

However, at this time, Hattori Kazuo was not immediately arranged to go near the VIP room that Randal had prepared for Sara,

But temporarily stayed in the back kitchen to help out and prepare the drinks.

According to Hattori Kazuo’s own plan, he would first wait for the target to enter the VIP room,

And then send one of his men to accidentally spill wine on the floor near Sara’s VIP room during the process of delivering wine to the banquet hall,

And then Leroy would step in and arrange for several other people to quickly replace the stained carpet,

While they would take advantage of the time to change the carpet to get to the task.

At this moment, Randal and others, led Sara and her party to the entrance of the VIP lounge,

Randal took the initiative to open the door and said to Sara:

“Miss Gu, it’s hard for you to rest here for a moment,”

“Later the dinner officially starts, President Lu, Vice President Luan and I will all make speeches respectively,”

“When we finish our speeches, we will announce that we invite the mysterious VIP to make an appearance, then there will be staff to inform you to enter the venue.”

“Understood.” Sara also did not think much about it, nodded, and said, “Then I will wait here.”

“Good!” Randal nodded happily and said with a smile, “Then Miss Gu will go in first to rest, and we will go to the front to prepare.”

After Randal and the others left, a bodyguard said to Sara, “Miss Gu, we have checked inside the VIP lounge,”

“There are no other passages, it is very safe, and there are no eavesdropping or recording devices,”

“You can rest assured, six of us will guard the entrance, if there are any problems you can call me at any time.”