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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4254 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4254 Start

Hogan continued: “At that time, we both just arrived at the airport,”

“Before getting out of the cab, you could see a lot of kooks outside the airport looking around,”

“I saw things are not right, can only give up the original plan.”

“Originally I wanted to find the opportunity to smuggle out of Hong Kong,”

“But the 30 million reward, is the year Hong Kong’s largest dark flower, several major gangs on Hong Kong Island were fighting,”

“But in order to earn this money, they all temporarily shook hands and made peace, all the men sent out to find us both,”

“Even the Macau gumshoes had heard the news to come to try their luck, all the gates and piers in Hong Kong,”

“At that time, were gumshoe eyes, I was desperate, before calling your father to save his life ……”

“Later, young master Changying flew over from Eastcliff, met with Liu, made a lot of sacrifices and concessions,”

“In exchange for his promise to let us live, for which I have been very grateful,”

“Also promised him to settle his family and other things on this side of Hong Kong Island,”

“To go to Eastcliff to find him, for him to saddle ……”

Speaking of this, Hogan sighed: “But I never thought that later the young master Changying died young ……”

“After his death, the surname Liu immediately turned his face, in my visit to the young master Changying,”

“He took out 30 million dark flowers to buy my life, I had no choice but to escape ……”

Charlie at this time could not help but ask: “Uncle Chen, what about your first girlfriend?”

Hogan smiled self-deprecatingly and said, “She came to the United States with me,”

“Because there was still a little cash on hand, we arrived in New York and blacked out here,”

“With the money on hand to open such a small restaurant, the income was not bad,”

“But every day morning and night it was really hard, after a long time,”

“She may not always adapt to the life here, so one night I after returning from odd jobs,”

“I found that she had taken her passport and left without saying goodbye.”

Charlie really did not expect that the end of the story would end this way, a moment of surprise and all speechless.

He originally thought that Uncle Chen gave up everything,

And eventually will be able to harvest a release of the love of the South Mountain,

The achievement of a good story of a lover finally become a couple.

But even in his dreams, he did not expect to end up with such a miserable ending.

Hogan also saw Charlie’s amazement, a slight smile, shrugged his shoulders and said,

“Indeed she did so I can understand, after all, when she was in Hong Kong Island,”

“Living in tens of millions of dollars of luxury villas,”

“And after we came to the United States, living in the basement of less than five square meters,”

“That kind of dark life, the average person really can not accept.”

Charlie nodded, and asked, “So she went back to Hong Kong Island?”

Hogan laughed: “I think she must have returned, but I risked calling back to my friends on Hong Kong Island to ask,”

But no one knows her whereabouts.”

“I was told that she might have taken her life and asked me to check the missing persons information at the police station,”

“But I didn’t believe it because if she really took her life, she couldn’t have taken her passport with her,”

“And since we were illegal immigrants, the only use for her to take her passport with her”

“Would be to actively expose her identity and then be deported back to Hong Kong Island,”

“So I knew then that she must have gone back to Hong Kong Island.”

“This state of uncertainty about her whereabouts lasted for about six months or so,”

“Until after the original spouse, surnamed Liu, died of an illness, she suddenly appeared in the public eye as Liu’s official girlfriend.”

“Not long after, the two of them got married, that wedding was very grand,”

“The Hong Kong Island famous tycoons and stars had gone,”

“I dragged someone from Hong Kong Island to buy some newspapers and magazines that reported her wedding,”

“There are many photos of the wedding scene, see the photos of her really happy,”

“I was rest assured, then I have been at ease to run this small restaurant, until now ……”