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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4253 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4253 Start

Sara on the side asked nervously, “And then? What did he say?”

What did he say ah?” Hogan repeated, sighed, and said helplessly,

“Of course, he did not believe me, he said I must have cuckolded him behind his back, no matter how I explained he was not moved.”

“However, he later said, for the sake of money, can forgive me this time,”

“Let me go back to recuperate, by the way, give me time to think clearly;”

“If I get well and continue to help him make money, he would pretend that nothing had happened, otherwise, he would take my life.”

Speaking of this, Hogan smiled and added:

“However, he could not dream that I had left a backhand when I decided to tell him all this,”

“And I asked my first girlfriend in advance to come out of the villa with her passport and wait for me at the hospital near the company.”

Charlie was surprised and asked, “You guessed that he would beat you into the hospital?”

“Not really.” Hogan laughed: “If I had known he would really do that,”

“I would have taken my first girlfriend and eloped, and I would have received fewer beatings.”

Hogan said: “In fact, I was thinking that there are only three outcomes;”

“The first one is that Liu sees that I have helped him earn so much money,”

“There is still value in the future, plus he has too many women around,”

“And will not care too much about one of them, so directly let us go;”

“The second, is the surname Liu after knowing the great shock, directly would be killed;”

“The third one is that although Liu is very angry, but for the sake of my use-value,”

“Give me a lesson, let me give up this idea, continue to make money for him.”

The first one is that I can walk to the hospital and tell her the good news myself,”

“And because it’s close, I can also see her faster;”

“If the situation went the second path, then she certainly can not wait for me at the hospital entrance,”

“If not wait for me, it proves that the surnamed Liu will not let her well,”

“But at least she has escaped from the clutches advance so that she can report to the police,”

“So that the police look for my whereabouts, but also by the hand of the police, to protect her own personal safety;”

“If the situation went to the third, then she would see me being beaten half to death and sent to the hospital,”

“Which also proves that the surnamed Liu does not intend to fulfill our wish,”

“Then we do not do what he thought, immediately meet in the hospital, and then find the opportunity to elope.”

Charlie heard this, in the heart, he admired this man.

Ordinary people do things, take one step to see one step,

Smart people do things, take one step to see three steps, the most intelligent people, take one step to determine ten steps.

Hogan did not know in advance what the outcome of this matter but made the most meticulous arrangements in this situation.

And, this can also be seen in his love for his first girlfriend, of the three possibilities,

He had a possible death, a possible injury, but he left his first girlfriend three possibilities,

All in and out, basically would not have any risk of injury.

This shows that this person’s way of thinking is really much better than the average person, and also much better than himself.

At least, the same thing if placed on their own, they certainly can not do him so meticulous and thorough.

At this time, Hogan expression with a childlike smile said:

“At that time I was sent to the hospital covered with injuries,”

“Who would have thought that half an hour later, I quietly ran out of the hospital, and took his first girlfriend to elope.”

Saying that, Hogan said again, “I was planning to take a plane to Southeast Asia,”

“And then find the opportunity to smuggle from Southeast Asia to the United States,”

“But I did not expect that the surnamed Liu returned to the villa, did not see my first girlfriend,”

“Found my first girlfriend took away the passport, immediately after gave the Jianghu pursuit order,”

“Offering a reward of 30 million Hong Kong dollars for my life ……”