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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4252 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4252 Start

Charlie heard this and nodded gently.

He actually wanted to know how Hogan was later given a kill pursuit order by the big guys in Hong Kong Island.

However, he thought that such questions were generally sensitive and not suitable to be asked in person,

So he gave up in his heart and said with a smile on his lips,

“So you and my father actually met because of a hiking trip.”

Hogan nodded with a smile, looked at Charlie and asked with a smile,

“Young Master Wade, do you want to know how I was put under a jianghu pursuit order in Hong Kong?”

Charlie was slightly stunned, and immediately afterward, he said smoothly,

“Uncle Chen, I’m not going to hide it from you, I’m really curious ……”

“Haha!” Hogan smiled brightly and said, “This matter, back then in Hong Kong Island almost everyone knows ……”

“To say not afraid of young master Wade making a joke, I went back to Hong Kong Island,”

“My father’s health was not very good, so I hoped I could take over his roast goose store,”

“Although I was young when not less to help him, but also Not less to learn his secret,”

“But I was with higher education, after all, advanced elements, high-minded and arrogant,”

“So took the liberty of the store to cash out, take the money to start my own business,”

“Specializing in asset management for the rich.”

“Later, I helped a very famous rich businessman on Hong Kong Island, surnamed Liu, to manage his assets,”

“So that his assets quintupled in three years, he was very happy, so he called me to his company and said to me:

‘Ah Hogan, you have helped me make so much money, I do not know how to repay you,”

“How about this, do you have any wish that you can not accomplish, tell me I will help you to realize it!’”

Speaking of this, Hogan shrugged his shoulders and said,

“When I saw how sincere he was, I told him, ‘Liu Sheng, that second wife you kept in the mansion in Shi Xun Dao,”

“She was my first girlfriend in middle school, I loved her very much, and she loved me very much ……”

“If I hadn’t been so determined to pursue my studies, I certainly wouldn’t have left her,”

“And if she hadn’t been desperate because of a sudden change in her family,”

“She wouldn’t have agreed to your pursuit as a married man and become your captive canary ……”

“Now I also have some ability, boasting that I can give her a happy life,”

“So, can you return her to me for the sake of me helping you earn so much money ……’”

Charlie and Sara both listened dumbfounded, never thought that Hogan was put under a jianghu pursuit order, but because of a woman.

At this time, Hogan sighed, lamented:

“I thought, he does not look at the face of the monk to see the face of the Buddha,”

“Not to see the face of the Buddha at least have to look at the face of money,”

“And he was surrounded by many women, just be worshipped as a goddess of just Hong Kong and Taiwan actress,”

“Do not know how many obsessed with him, and he had also been everywhere dabbling in flowers,”

“He was a notorious playboy in Hong Kong ……”

Said here, he turned, self-deprecating:

“But I counted a thousand calculations, but only did not count to,”

“He was such a playboy, my first girlfriend was not just another woman in his life, but also true love ……”

“At that time I just finished this sentence, he immediately let his men to arrest me and beat me up,”

“After the beating put the gun on my head, forcing to ask me whether I have given him a cuckold ……”

“I only revealed my feelings to my first girlfriend and asked her if she was willing to leave that person and stay with me,”

“And only after I got her approval did I tell the truth to Mr. Liu, and it was because,”

“I felt guilty that I tried my best to help him make money and hoped he could make us whole ……”