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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4250 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4250 Start

Speaking of things from the past, Hogan’s eyes have filled with tears,

He could not help but choke on his wrist and said:

“I really did not expect that the young master Changying would die young, it is …… too bad ……”

Charlie also could not help but sigh lightly, when his father died,

He was just in his thirties, in the prime of life, it is indeed a pity to the extreme.

While feeling emotional, Charlie could not help but ask:

“Uncle Chen, how did you come to New York afterward?”

Hogan let out a bitter smile and said, “After the death of Young Master Changying,”

“I quietly went to Aurous Hill to mourn, when I intended to return to Hong Kong Island,”

“The big brother who wanted to kill me also heard about the accidental death of Young Master Changying,”

“So they immediately issued another pursuit order,”

“I saw that I cannot return to Hong Kong Island,”

“So I had to smuggle from the mainland to the United States, and stay here until now ……”

Saying that Hogan could not help but ask:

“Wade young master, where have you been all these years?”

“Mr. Gu in order to find you, went almost all over the world, just to the United States he had come several times,”

“I also helped him together in the United States to find you several times but had come to nothing ……”

Sara on the side said: “Charlie, my father and I also came to New York to look for you before,”

“At that time it was Uncle who received us, right here in this hotel!”

Saying that she looked at Hogan and said with a smile,

“Uncle Chen, I remember when I first came to your place with my dad,”

“I was just eight years old, the last time I came was twenty years old,”

“Now I am twenty-six, and your place still hasn’t changed at all.”

Hogan smiled faintly and said, “I am a kind of person, it is difficult for me to change after getting used to something,”

“In fact, to put it bluntly, I am so lazy.”

Sara looked at Charlie and explained, “Charlie, in the past, when I came to America with my father to look for you,”

“Uncle Chen’s place was the first stopping point, oh yes, Uncle Chen’s roast goose, the taste is especially good!”

Hogan could not care less about modesty and could not help but ask,

“Miss Gu, how did you find Young Master Wade? Where did you find him?”

Charlie opened his mouth and said, “Uncle Chen, in fact, I have been in Aurous Hill all along.”

Hogan was dumbfounded as he listened and exclaimed,

“How could that be? In the beginning, it seemed that many people,”

“Including Mr. Gu, went to Aurous Hill to look for you, but everyone came up empty-handed ……”

Hearing this question, Charlie then told the story about Leon placing him in the orphanage.

After hearing this, Hogan could not help but sigh:

“With Leon, I have had a few encounters, at that time, I thought that this person was rough,”

“Righteous, but I did not expect that his strategy was so strong,”

“This hand of black under the lamp, his play is really at a level!”

Sara said with a smile, “Uncle Chen, can we talk while we eat, I’m hungry.”

Hogan hurriedly said, “Fine, fine, blame me, Miss Gu, Young Master Wade,”

“You two please sit down first, I’ll go to the back kitchen to prepare the meal.”

Saying that he looked at Charlie and said ashamedly:

“Young Master Wade, my small store is not very good at cooking,”

“I’ll just serve some of the same for you to try, so I won’t arrange for you to order a meal!”

Charlie said very politely: “Thank you, Uncle Chen, thank you for your hard work.”

“I should, I should! You two please sit down first, I’ll be right there!”

Hogan said that, turned around, and ran downstairs quickly.

Sara looked at Charlie with a smile on her face and asked him in a low voice, “Charlie, aren’t you a little confused?”

Charlie smiled faintly and nodded, “A little …… I thought you just called me out for a meal, I really didn’t react ……”

Sara mysteriously smiled, then took out the phone from her pocket,

Handed it to Charlie and said, “Charlie, my father explained to me before, when you come, let you listen to this.”

Charlie was a little surprised, and when he looked up,

He saw that on the screen of the phone was Sara’s WeChat dialog box with her father.

At the bottom, there was a voice message, Charlie took the phone and wanted to click the play button,

Sara quickly reminded: “Charlie, listen with the earpiece mode!”

Charlie nodded, clicked play, and immediately put the phone against his ear.

Within the earpiece, Philip’s voice came, and he said very solemnly:

“Chen’s son, your father once told me that the one who wins Hogan will win the world,”

“Such a pillar of talent, you absolutely cannot let go!”

“No matter what, you must persuade him to come out of the mountain and help you!”