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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4249 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4249 Start

Charlie was stunned by the actions of the middle-aged man in front of him.

He immediately reached out to hold him in place and subconsciously asked, “May I ask who you are?”

The middle-aged man immediately said respectfully,

“Young Master Wade, my name is Hogan Chen, originally should have become a lonely ghost,”

“But I was lucky to be saved by Young Master Changying, so I have survived until today.”

Hearing that Hogan was his father’s old acquaintance, Charlie respectfully clasped his fist and bowed,

“Hello, Uncle Chen, I am Charlie Wade!”

Hogan is unusually excited, with red eyes said:

“I know …… I know …… turning back the first time I saw you,”

“I knew you must be Young Master Chen, at first I thought I was hallucinating,”

“But as soon as I thought Miss Gu told me there was a mysterious guest,”

“I immediately decided that you must be Young Master Wade ……”

Sara said with a smile on the side:

“Charlie, I didn’t tell Uncle that you were coming over,”

“I didn’t even tell Uncle that we had found you, originally I wanted to give him a surprise,”

“But I didn’t expect him to be so smart, he guessed your identity right away!”

Hogan hurriedly said, “Miss Gu, it’s not that I’m so smart,”

“It’s just that young master and when young master Changying was young, they really look too much alike ……”

Charlie could not help but ask: “Uncle Chen, you and my father, how did you know each other?”

Hogan let out a long sigh and said seriously:

“Back then, because of my youthful indiscretion, I messed with the wrong people,”

“The other side issued a pursuit order to kill me,”

“The entire Hong Kong Island’s kooks came out in force, just to find me out and hack me to death ……”

Speaking of this, Hogan continued with red eyes:

“The young master Changying sent people overnight to rescue me from Hong Kong Island,”

“And personally came to Hong Kong Island to negotiate with that big brother, pay a huge price, to get back my life ……”

Charlie said in surprise: “Uncle Chen, so you and my father are old friends ……”

Sara quickly said: “Charlie, my father said that Uncle was a very respected famous scholar at home and abroad,”

“Uncle Wade went to Hong Kong Island many times to ask Uncle Chen to come out of the mountain,”

“who is comparable to any great scholar!”

Hogan said modestly, “Miss Gu is too polite, I can’t be considered a famous scholar,”

“But I was just fortunate to be appreciated by Young Master Changying.”

As he said, he sighed and sighed:

“Back then, I originally wanted to return to the countryside and let go of my horse,”

“But I was fortunate to be appreciated by Young Master Changying,”

“So I decided to follow him and build a career,”

“But I never thought that just when I finished my personal affairs and was about to go to Eastcliff,”

“To return to Young Master Changying, he suddenly abandoned the Wade family and left Eastcliff with his wife, his whereabouts unknown ……”

Charlie heard here, his heart could not help but tighten.

The time Hogan is talking about it, he himself should be only eight years of age.

So, he hurriedly asked, “Uncle Chen, the cause of my parents’ death, do you know the hidden story?”

Hogan shook his head and said apologetically,

“I’m sorry Young Master Wade, I only heard about Young Master Changying’s murder later,”

“And at that time, he had already cut off contact with me,”

“And the last time he contacted me was before he was ready to leave the Wade family.”

Charlie was busy asking, “At that time, did my father say anything to you?”

Hogan said, “Back to Young Master Wade, Young Master Changying was talking to me on the phone at that time,”

“He said he was leaving the Wade family, but still hoped that I could serve the Wade family,”

“And also asked me to contact Leon, the great steward of the Wade family at that time, but I didn’t agree.”

Saying that Hogan a bit ashamed to explain: “I do not hide from you Wade young master,”

“Back then, I would not have wanted to be involved in the affairs of the underworld, if not for the charisma of young master Changying convincing me, I would not have chosen to go out again ……”

“So, I felt that if I were to serve Young Master Changying, I would not hesitate to die!”

“But if it’s not to serve him, then I didn’t want to make things difficult for myself.”

“So, I promised Young Master Changying that when he decided to return to the Wade family,”

“Or set up his own business, just one phone call, no matter where I am,”

“What I am doing, as long as he still needs me, as long as I still have a breath,”

“I would just crawl, I will also go to him to resume orders ……”

“At that time, the young master also respected my choice, only I did not expect,”

“Soon after, to hear the news that he was killed ……”