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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4247 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4247 Start

Soon, the time came to the eleventh.

Hidden beneath the busy morning rush of New York was an undercurrent that was surging at breakneck speed.

More than a thousand people from the Cataclysmic Front had already arrived in New York,

Hiding in all corners of the city.

And Jesse and Randal, have also been waiting impatiently.

Early in the morning, Randal called Jesse to his study and said excitedly and nervously,

“Jesse, these days the media headlines are almost all about Sara,”

“If she disappears tonight, it is estimated that it will immediately trigger a global sensation,”

“Are you sure that this matter will not be suspected to you and me?”

Jesse nodded confidently and smiled, “Young Master Fei, the Iga ninja side has already taken care of Leroy,”

“Today they will enter the hotel ballroom as temporary waiters under his arrangement,”

“Moreover, Leroy will use their lack of experience as the reason to keep them behind to help,”

“And then send others away from the vicinity of Sara’s lounge,”

“All the tools they need, have been transported to the interior of the ballroom,”

“Last night with the help of Leroy, tonight around 7:20.”

“The ninjas will be able to make their move, while Sara will be in the lounge waiting to make her appearance at 7:40.”

“After winning, they will immediately leave through the back door,”

“Wait until seven forty, when your assistant goes to ask Sara to board the stage,”

“It will be found that, except for Sara, everyone else is already dead,”

“At that time, the scene will naturally be very chaotic,”

“All you have to do is to immediately call the police and leave the rest to the police.”

Here, Jesse said: “After the police arrives, Leroy is the first suspect,”

“As for the ninjas, they all used disguise, the police simply can not find them,”

“And after they are buried in the Atlantic Ocean, the matter is completely broken clues,”

“No one can find out the whereabouts of Sara, you do not have to worry about this matter implicating you.”


Jesse’s words, let Randal settle his heart, he said with a smile:

“Tonight, I will put Sara under my b0dy for pleasure!”

Jesse said: “Young master Fei, you may want to wait patiently for a while,”

“Tonight is certainly the windiest time, you’d better make a show,”

“Run more police departments to follow up on the progress of the case,”

“Appeal to the Chinese in New York to make group efforts, and then put out a heavy reward for useful clues and so on,”

“First to leave a good impression on the public, after all, this time to take the blame there is Leroy,”

“Also considered the Fei family people this time,”

“The matter will bring a little negative impact to the family,”

“You have to find a way to make up for this part of the negative impact.”

Randal nodded approvingly and said, “Just do as you say!”

After saying that, Randal asked again, “Jesse, what are your personal arrangements for tonight?”

Jesse said, “Young Master Fei, I will personally wait at the pier tonight,”

“The pier has prepared two boats, one to send those ninjas to see the Great Amaterasu,”

“And one to send Sara to my island, then I will finish docking with those ninjas, and then escort Sara to the island.”

“Good,” Randal said with a wicked face,

“Then you wait for me on the island, tomorrow I’ll rush there after I’m done with the matter at hand!”


Meanwhile, three hundred kilometers away in Providence.

Charlie and Claire were eating breakfast together in the hotel room.

Claire knew that Charlie was going to New York today,

So she asked with concern, “Honey, when are you leaving for New York?”

Charlie looked at the time and said casually, “I’ll leave around eleven o’clock.”

Claire nodded and said, “Then you pay attention to safety on the way,”

“Since you are not here, I will eat something at the school’s restaurant at noon,”

“You get busy with your work, don’t worry about me.”

“Okay.” Charlie smiled slightly and said, “I’m sure I won’t be able to make it back for dinner,”

“So come back to the hotel after class and call the catering department to order food. It is not safe outside.”

Claire nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll get back to the hotel directly after class this afternoon and stay here.”

Charlie was not worried about Claire’s personal safety,

After all, Joseph had placed a number of female soldiers of Cataclysmic Front in the hotel to secretly protect her,

With these people around, he could also travel to New York without worry.