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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4241 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4241 Start

Charlie then smiled and said, “Oops, then your luck is really good,”

“Sara’s team is saying that they want me to go to New York to examine the feng shui of the New York concert venues,”

“I am hesitating to say yes since you want to see her concerts,”

“Then I will help you to get the tickets for these two concerts by the way!”


When Claire heard Charlie’s words, she was surprised and asked,

“Honey, Sara’s team really wants to invite you to New York to see feng shui, huh?

Charlie nodded and said seriously,

“Of course, I am the famous Master Wade, they originally thought I was in China and were worried that I wouldn’t be willing to come,”

“But it just so happened that I was in the United States and not far away, so they said a lot and had to invite me over.”

Although Claire was very excited, but also had some doubts so she asked:

“Husband, for opening a concert do you have to look at feng shui?”

Charlie laughed: “The entertainment industry gives importance to feng shui, it is not only the residential companies that need to do a good feng shui layout,”

“Before the start of the film and television series have to engage in an opening ceremony,”

“The tour concert, in order to ensure that the performance behind is smooth,”

“They first must do enough work on feng shui, just like the opening ceremony, Figure a good luck.”

In fact, Charlie also does not know, the singer will not engage in feng shui before the concert,

But, at the moment, he can only use the reason to look at feng shui to Claire to dispel the doubts in her mind.

Claire also did not suspect much, nodded and said:

“In that case, then husband you must help Miss Gu take a good look,”

“Her tour this time is the last tour before permanently quitting the entertainment industry,”

“It has a great significance, it must not leave any regrets.”

Charlie nodded and smiled: “Don’t worry wife, I will do my best to help them get the feng shui right.”

Saying that, he added: “Right wife, it won’t take me too long to go to New York to see the feng shui,”

“I’ll go there in the afternoon of the 11th and I should be back in the evening.”

Claire asked him, “Will it be too tiring to come back at night, you have to drive for three hours,”

“If it’s too late, why don’t you just rest in New York for one night.”

Claire naturally had 100% trust in him, so she didn’t have any wariness.

However, Charlie did not intend to spend the night in New York,

And if he took a helicopter on the way back and forth, he could also buy himself some more time.


Two days later.

Hattori Kazuo of the Iga family, along with seven Iga ninjas of great strength, arrived in New York.

After they arrived in New York, they checked in at the Wangfu Hotel as requested by Jesse.

Once they checked in smoothly, Hattori Kazuo received a phone call from his employer,

Jesse, who told him to bring his men to the hotel’s banquet building immediately.

Kazuo Hattori thought that his employer was hosting a banquet for them,

But when they arrived at the banquet building, they saw a notice of suspension of business placed at the entrance of the banquet building.

On the notice, it was written that the banquet hall of Wangfu Hotel had a malfunction in the fresh air ventilation system, so the whole building was closed.

The hotel hardware problem needed to be repaired, which seemed logical to everyone, so no one cared.

Just when Kazuo Hattori was surprised, a young man of Asian descent came out,

Looked at Kazuo Hattori, and asked, “Excuse me, is this Mr. Hattori from Japan?”

Kazuo Hattori hurriedly bowed and said, “Yes, it’s me!”

The other party nodded and said, “Please come with me.”

Hattori Kazuo and eight other people followed the depressed young man into the banquet building.