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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4239 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4239 Start

The $80 million promised by Jesse to the Iga family was paid in two installments.

First, 50% of the deposit was paid, and the remaining 50% was to be paid when the mission was successfully completed.

Moreover, Jesse gave a promise of an additional two million dollars pension for each person in case of death.

Hattori Hanzo had sent his only son, Hattori Kazuo, to ensure that the mission would be completed successfully.

This time, he especially let Hattori Ichio lead the team to the United States to complete the mission,

In order to ensure as much as possible the successful completion and triumphant return from the mission.

For this reason, he called Kazuo Hattori to his study and told him about the situation, and then instructed,

“Kazuo, you should select seven of your best men today and go to the United States as soon as possible!”

Kazuo Hattori said with some concern, “Father, since we have sworn allegiance to the Ito family,”

“We should first report to the Ito family and ask for their approval, right?”

“Otherwise, if they know that we are acting without permission, I am afraid there will be some trouble.”

Hattori Hanzo waved his hand and said in a cold voice:

“Don’t worry about the Ito family, the Ito family doesn’t care about us Iga ninja,”

“We have sworn allegiance to them for so long, but they have only used us once,”

“And that was the trip to China, to the Wade family’s Waderest to face the Cataclysmic Front.”

“If this continues, we will sooner or later die of hunger!”

After that, Hattori Hanzo said with a resentful expression,

“The Ito family’s Ito Nadeshiko, who is called Yamato Nadeshiko, is not a good person in my opinion either. This is clearly a trick to send us to our death!”

Hattori Kazuo said: “Father, this matter, it is not necessary to understand so,”

“That time to Waderest, you also saw the Wade family young master’s unbelievable strength,”

“And it is said that Miss Ito is his confidante, his strength, Miss Ito must have known something,”

“That day Miss Ito signaled us to go to Waderest,”

“It is likely that Miss Ito already knew in her heart that young master Wade could win, and just let us go to the scene.”

Hattori Hanzo coldly snorted: “Anyway, that woman has been hiding from us, this thing makes me very unhappy!”

Saying that Hattori Hanzo looked at his son and said in an incomparably serious tone:

“Kazuo, you should know that now among the top families in the country, is no longer the era of the tripod ……”

“When there was a tripod, the three clans held each other in check, guarded each other,”

“And targeted each other, and only then did they know the importance of our ninja ……”

“But now, the Ito family laughed to the end, looking at all of Japan, except for the Yamaguchi group,”

“No one is the Ito family’s rival, in this case, for the Ito family where there is still a need for ninja?”

“What’s more, the four ninja families are now loyal to the Ito family,”

“But the Ito family basically no longer needs ninja, which leads to everyone’s economy is now stretched to the limit,”

“And if this continues, we will have to starve to death,”

“If no one needs ninjas, no one to pay for us, we, I’m afraid will die out!”

“We …… can’t ask the government for subsidies and turn the ninja into an intangible cultural heritage, can we?”

“In that case, you, the descendants of the great ninja,”

“Will not have to stay in the tourist attractions every day and make money by performing ninjutsu for the tourists?”

“In that case, how can we be worthy of our ancestors?”

Hattori Kazuo was speechless.

Father’s words are not alarming, the ninja profession, in modern times has been very marginal,

But the reason why it has been able to survive is because there are large families willing to pay for their work.

But once the big families no longer pay for them, then the ninja profession will lose the soil of survival.

Therefore, the Iga family now must find a way to stand on their own feet.