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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4237 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4237 Start

Randal didn’t know much about the people working below him,

But he was somewhat familiar with Leroy, this was because he often entertained his friends at the Wangfu Hotel,

And the person in charge of the banquet hall, Leroy, naturally served him often, so he had a deeper impression of him.

Jesse laughed: “I heard that Leroy this person has a relatively high income,”

“Almost 600,000 to 700,000 dollars a year, a proper middle class, and its this person is very family-oriented,”

“Family is also very successful, has two daughters and two sons, wife at home as a full-time housewife, right?”

Randal shrugged his shoulders, “Probably, I’m not really sure about his situation, what’s wrong?”

Jesse laughed: “I plan to have the ninjas kidnap his wife and children first,”

“And then use this as a threat to force him to arrange these ninjas to work in the banquet hall,”

“So that the police investigation of these ninjas will naturally investigate Leroy’s head,”

“And when they find out that these people kidnapped Leroy’s family, forced him to be a mole,”

“And thus successfully kidnapped Sara, they will naturally solve the case.”

“Their direction of solving the case will naturally be shifted, and will perfectly avoid your layer.”

Randal brightened up and said, “That’s interesting! In this way, everything is blamed on the Wangfu Hotel’s own mole,”

“And Leroy completely in the dark, the police can easily investigate,”

“He brought these ninjas to the hotel, and will naturally find him for questioning,”

“And he will certainly tell the police what he knows because he is telling the truth,”

“The police absolutely can not suspect him, so naturally there is nothing to do with me!”

Jesse’s full set of plans made Randal’s heart pound.

It sounds as if everything has been well planned out.

In this way, after the accident, the family’s Wangfu Hotel would not have to take too big a blame,

After all, this matter is out of the mole, as the saying goes, family thieves are hard to prevent,

And everyone will blame the root cause on Leroy’s body.

Thinking of this, he asked, “What about Leroy’s family?”

Jesse skimmed his mouth and said, “There is no other way but to take them out,”

“When the time comes, let the ninjas kidnap the people and just hand them over to my people to look after them.”

“I will believe this story I made up.”

Randal did not come back to his senses for a moment, subconsciously said:

“A family of five, all k!lled? There are four children?”

Jesse shook his head, his right index finger bent into a hook shape, said:

“To be exact, it is a family of nine, I had my people investigate, Leroy’s family has many children,”

“So he hired two live-in nannies, and his parents just finished immigration last month,”

“He also received them in New York, which is nine people.”

Even Randal is not that evil, at this time also a little shocked, off the cuff asked, “nine all killed?”

“Of course!” Jesse said firmly: “None of them can stay, otherwise this lie will not be able to continue!”

“When they are all dead, the society will be in an uproar, everyone will subconsciously hate these ninjas,”

“Hate them for kidnapping Sara and killing so many innocent people, at that time,”

“No one will suspect that you have anything to do with this matter!”

Randal heard this, gritted his teeth, nodded, and said, “Then let’s do as you say!”

After saying that, he remembered something and asked, “What if the ninja gang is investigated?”

“Whatever they want to investigate.” Jesse sneered,

“I’ll do a good job on the boat that sends them away, so they’ll be buried in the Atlantic Ocean!”

Randal was unsure and said, “What if they find the ninja family?”

Jesse laughed: “You don’t have to worry about this, you only need to give me the contact information of the ninja family,”

“I will use another identity to contact them, will not have anything to do with you.”

Said, Jesse and continued: “And, I think when this matter has become a log,”

“The ninja family itself will not dare to admit that their members did this,”

“Then they can only break their teeth to swallow, the police investigation will lead to no results,”

“Sara missing and dead bodies, a long time, the case will certainly be closed.”

“Good!” Randal nodded in satisfaction, said with a smile:

“I will leave this matter to you to handle, how much money you need for this!”