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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4236 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4236 Start

After a pause, Jesse continued, “Once the target is going to the indoor environment,”

“Their basic process is to first conduct a security check of the indoor environment to see if there is any eavesdropping,”

“And filming equipment in the room, to see if there are any security risks,”

“As long as they ensure that the room is safe, then they will only focus on the entrance and exit of the room,”

“Which is generally the door and windows;”

“Generally speaking, their indoor operation process, is to have someone outside the door to guard,”

“The house in addition to the bedroom will also be guarded by the window,”

“If it is a layer of the room by the window, they also have to arrange manpower outside the window,”

“This situation will be very difficult if someone attacked from the outside,”

“The bodyguard outside the door will react first, and the people inside will know immediately;”

“If we attack from the window, on the first floor, we will have to deal with the guards outside first,”

“And on the upper floors, we will have to deal with the guards inside the windows;”

“Once we make a move on the people outside the window, the people inside the window will have enough time to deal with it,”

“And if we make a move directly on the people inside the window,”

“The people outside the door will also be the first to come in for support.”

“So, it is best if we can set aside one of the boxes that is not by the window for Sara as a lounge,”

“This way, because there is no window, the security personnel will also let down their guard,”

“As long as she is inside the lounge, the security personnel will only guard at the door of the room,”

“So it will also be most convenient for us to make a move.”

Randal hurriedly asked, “Then what method do we use to do it?”

“We can’t let those ninjas hide inside in advance, right?”

“That definitely won’t work,” Jesse explained,

“We let the ninjas disguise themselves as waiters and let them make a move on the bodyguards outside the door at the right time,”

“They are the best at killing people invisibly,”

“As long as they can kill the bodyguards outside the door without moving, Sara inside will be at our mercy.”

Randal couldn’t help but ask, “Are you sure the ninjas can take out her bodyguards?”

“Besides, do you know how many bodyguards they will have guarding the door?”

“If we accidentally let them fire a shot, I’m afraid this whole thing will be over.”

Jesse laughed: “This is your venue, everything is up to you.”

If their bodyguards insist on bringing guns into the banquet hall,”

“You can use the identity of the young master of the Fei family to force them to disarm,”

“Which is normal, after all, you are such a big figure, it is impossible to let these bodyguards appear with guns by your side,”

“Not to mention that the Wangfu Hotel is guarded by your people, and nothing can possibly go wrong.”

“They certainly won’t force it, and you can also control the number of them,”

“Such as telling them that this place is very safe, but out of respect for Sara and for them,”

“Still allow them to enter with no more than four people at most.”

“Makes sense.” Randal nodded approvingly and asked, “Then after capturing Sara, how do we transport her out?”

“This is simple.” Jesse said, “Pack the person into the dumpster,”

“And then arrange for the garbage removal truck to pull it away directly.”

“As long as there is no movement inside the banquet hall,”

“The bodyguards who stay outside will not have any suspicion even if they see the garbage removal truck going in and out.”

Randal frowned and said, “The plan is feasible, but what about the back?”

“If the police want to investigate how these ninjas got into the Wangfu Hotel as waiters, how can we explain to them?”

Jesse laughed, “So this matter will have to be a fake show.”

Jesse said, smiled mysteriously, and continued, “Young Master Fei, I’ve been here a few times in the past few days,”

“And I have some understanding of the personnel situation here,”

“The person in charge of this banquet hall, seems to be named Leroy Chen, right?”

“Yes, why?”