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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4235 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4235 Start

For several days in a row, Cataclysmic Front deployed over a thousand soldiers to New York.

But still failed to find Jesse’s whereabouts.

This made Joseph feel disgraceful, almost every day to call Charlie to apologize.

Charlie did not blame him, he knows that to have clues to such things, need is to have a complete chain,

Once a link is missing, if you want to immediately restore it, it is impossible,

Not to mention the Cataclysmic Front, even for the U.S. National Security Agency,

There are a lot of people and things that can not be found.

Jesse is unaccounted for from New York JFK airport, Cataclysmic Front temporarily can not fill this part of the vacant clues,

It is impossible to easily find the whereabouts of him.

He intended to investigate all the vehicles and helicopters that entered and left the airport within a few hours after Jesse’s arrival in New York,

Find out the owners behind them through these vehicles, and then match them with Jesse one by one to see which one had crossed paths with him.

But after this method was proposed, it was declined by Charlie.

This is mainly because, Charlie more and more feels, this Jesse, in New York should have a stronger backer,

Otherwise, it is impossible to disappear so completely just like that.

In this case, if Joseph starts to investigate the transport,

Even if the investigation is more secretive, it will definitely touch the other party’s early warning mechanism,

In which case, it will definitely alert the snake.

Therefore, Charlie was not so anxious about Jesse’s whereabouts.

Because he knew that this man could not go in hiding for the rest of his life.

There was no need to dig into the ground to find him because he would come out sooner or later.

Now the Cataclysmic Front has placed a heavy force in New York,

Once Jesse ventured out, he and all his superiors and subordinates will be caught in a net.

Although Jesse has not shown his face, his plan tailored specifically for Sara is still going on in an orderly manner.

In the past few days, he followed Randal every day and went to the New York Wangfu Hotel.

However, since he was with Randal the entire time, he was not exposed to public view in the slightest.

The Wangfu Hotel is so large that the ballroom even has a separate two-story building covering more than 10,000 square meters,

Of which, the first floor is the ballroom and private rooms,

While the second floor is the back kitchen, equipment room, and staff lounge.

Through the field survey of the Wangfu Hotel, Jesse already had a very detailed plan of action in mind.

After Randal brought him here for several days in a row, he was also a bit anxious in his heart,

So he couldn’t help but ask him, “Jesse, do you have a plan yet?”

Jesse smiled faintly and said to Randal, “Young Master Fei, the plan is already in place.”

Randal hurriedly urged, “Quick, say it!”

Jesse then said, “I have already developed a high-priced informant from the local security company that Sara’s agency is cooperating with,

And learned from him about their basic mode of protecting public figures on a daily basis,

And they have their own set of execution manual, which has all their execution standards,

As well as strategies to deal with unexpected events.”

Said, Jesse and continued, “For these security companies in the United States, the routine is similar,”

“The main focus of these companies will be to protect the target person with full energy on the outdoor,”

“Especially when the target person is on foot, by car out of the process,”

“In this process, they will not leave their hands, in case someone along the way makes a plot,”

“If it is outdoor, must also at the same time be in the best view of the high point to arrange observers and snipers,”

“Real-time monitoring of the surrounding environment is there.”

“However, once the target is indoors, their vigilance will be much relaxed;”