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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4229 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4229 Start

If he could attract the Fei family to join him at this time, he would be the first president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce!

Thinking of this, he became excited and couldn’t help but ask Randal, “Mr. Fei, are you serious about this?”

“Of course!” Randal said with an arrogant expression, “I, have always been a man of my word,”

“And I will keep my promise as long as you can help me make this charity dinner a success!”

At this moment, Brian’s heart was already overjoyed, and he hurriedly said,

“Yes, Mr. Fei, just ask me how you need my help, as long as it is within my ability, I will do my best!”

When Randal saw that he had taken the bait, he smiled in satisfaction and said,

“I have two requests now, the first is that your Chamber of Commerce should officially announce the cooperation with me as soon as possible,”

“And the second is that the charity dinner on the 11th, your Chamber of Commerce should hold up the scene for me as much as possible.”

Brian said without thinking, “No problem! We can officially announce our cooperation with you today,”

“And as for the dinner, don’t worry, I guarantee on my personal reputation that,”

“At least 80% of our New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce members will be there!”

The two requests of Randal are too simple for him, and it’s easy to announce it to the public.

And it’s even easier to find more people to support the event.

80% of the members will be there and that is already a conservative estimate.

As this is a charity dinner held by the young master of the Fei family.

Now, the young master of the Fei family invited them to attend the charity dinner,

He is afraid that they will scramble to come up.

When Randal heard this, he was naturally very satisfied and said with a smile,

“President Lu is really quick! Don’t worry, as long as this charity gala is done beautifully for me,”

“I will give you the benefit of the doubt!”

Brian hastily bowed and said, “I am grateful to Mr. Fei for his care!”

Randal nodded, then pretended to suddenly remember something and said:

“Oh yes, President Lu just said that your Chamber of Commerce has a lot of cooperation with Miss Sara Gu next?”

“Right.” Brian said: “In addition to Miss Gu’s U.S. tour,”

“We are also talking with Miss Gu to continue to cooperate with her tour in Canada a bit,”

“Not to hide it from you, Miss Gu this tour, is a farewell concert,”

“After the tour, she will be permanently retired from the entertainment industry,”

“So this concert is very significant, and the revenue potential is also very huge!”

Randal could not help but sigh:

“Hmm if I can invite such an influential star as Miss Gu to attend this charity dinner of mine,”

“I think it will definitely bring this charity project to a higher level.”

Speaking of which, Randal looked at Brian and asked,

“President Lu, I wonder if you can help me make a connection with Miss Gu,”

“I don’t have any other requests, as long as she can spare two hours of her time on the night of the 11th to come and support the show!”

Brian said with some difficulty, “Young Master Fei, I can’t guarantee you this,”

“Because I don’t really have any friendship with Miss Gu, but mainly rely on our executive vice president, who has some friendship with her father.”

Randal nodded and said, “Then it would be hard for President Lu to communicate with the executive vice president,”

“So that he can help pull the strings, you just said that Miss Gu’s New York concert is till the 15th,”

“So she should arrive in the United States on the 11th, how, besides, I do not want to engage in any business cooperation with Miss Gu,”

“But mainly for charity, for the orphans,”

“I believe that Miss Gu will be interested in this kind of charity project, you just need to help me pass the word to.”