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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4228 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4228 Start

Although Randal also knows that once Sara really disappeared in his own hotel,

The hotel will certainly generate a lot of negative news, but he does not care about this at all.

On the one hand, it is the hotel’s negative news, but the weight is far less than what he gets in form of Sara.

On the other hand, he knows very well that consumers nowadays are extremely forgetful,

And the survival cycle of negative news of any commercial brand is generally not more than one month.

Many hotels before because of management negligence, have resulted in female customers in the hotel getting into danger,

Or even there have been deaths, and the hotel’s reputation and business would indeed receive a great impact in a short period of time,

But after a month, the hotel’s occupancy rate returns to the level before the accident.

When Brian heard the time of the 11th, he was a bit embarrassed all of a sudden,

He looked at Randal with some embarrassment and asked tentatively,

“Mr. Fei, recently our Chamber of Commerce has a lot of affairs, the 11th may be a bit rushed ……”

“I wonder if it can be put after the 15th?”

“After the 15th?”

When Randal heard this time point, he immediately understood in his heart that this was the New York stop performance time of Sara’s tour.

However, he pretended to be puzzled and asked,

“President Lu, why do you have to wait until the 15th?”

“It’s still half a month away. It doesn’t take that long to prepare for dinner, right?”

Brian explained respectfully,

“You don’t know, Mr. Fei, the executive vice president of our chamber of commerce has matched the chamber with a cooperation some time ago,”

“Which is the concert of the internationally renowned Chinese singer Miss Sara Gu.”

Saying that, Brian looked at Randal and asked him, “Mr. Fei should have heard of Miss Gu, right?”

Randal said in a casual manner, “I’ve heard of her, I’ve heard some of her songs,”

“Although I can’t say I’m a fan of hers, but I still appreciate her.”

Brian nodded and continued,

“Miss Gu is going to hold the first concert of her North American tour in New York on the 15th, have you heard about this?”

Randal shook his head to deny: “I haven’t heard of it,”

“I seem to remember hearing someone say that her North American concert will start in Canada first, right?”

Brian explained,

“Her performance plan has changed, it is true that she was to start in Canada, but now it is New York.”

Saying that Brian continued, “For Miss, Gu’s this concert in New York,”

“The local publicity and local business cooperation, are the responsibility of our Chamber of Commerce,”

“Miss Gu’s popularity is very high, this period of time, many brands, companies,”

“Including some public welfare organizations, are flocking to us to talk about cooperation,”

“I do not want to hide it from you, the next week, just need me to attend the cooperation talks,”

“There are at least twenty other things.”

“If you say the night of the 11th to get the charity party, right now there is really not time and energy ……”

Randal smiled slightly, he knew very well in his heart, everything as Jesse said, the key to the success of this plan is Brian.

So, it’s also time to paint the pie for Brian himself!

So, he looked at him and said seriously: “President Lu, I know you are busy and distracted,”

“But I still hope you can help me get this charity dinner started on time,”

“If this charity dinner is a complete success, I, Randal, will represent the Fei family and officially join the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce,”

“And in the future, if the Fei family has suitable good resources,”

“I will also be the first to dock to President Lu here!”

When Brian heard Randal’s words, his whole spirit was immediately lifted.

If the Fei family could be introduced into the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

It would definitely be a great achievement for the entire chamber.

Moreover, once the Fei family officially joins the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce,

It would mean that the gold content of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce would far exceed that of other chambers of commerce.

Brian is now worried about how to compete with the other two Chamber of Commerce presidents

Who are on par with each other for the first post-merger Chinese Chamber of Commerce presidency?