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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4226 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4226 Start

Brian is forty-eight years old and is a sixth-generation Chinese American.

His great-great-great-grandfather came across the ocean to the United States at the end of the Qing Dynasty,

And was one of the many Chinese workers who participated in the construction of the American Pacific Railroad back then.

Since that generation, the Lu family has taken root in the U.S. little by little with their hard-working qualities.

At the very beginning, the Lu family’s ancestors who went to the United States as Chinese workers,

They were at the bottom of American society at that time.

Now, the Lu family has a family fortune of tens of billions of dollars in the United States, which is an evidence of their struggle.

At the same time, the family also carried forward the characteristics of the southeastern coastal generation of Chinese businessmen,

They were very keen to unite fellow countrymen, group development.

Therefore, decades ago, Brian’s great-grandfather founded the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce,

Which gradually became one of the largest Chinese chambers of commerce in the United States.

After Brian took the position of the president of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce,

He devoted himself to developing the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce into the National Chinese Chamber of Commerce,

And after his continuous communication and mediation with Chinese chambers of commerce around the world,

Most of the Chinese chambers of commerce in the United States were interested in merging and renaming their chambers to the National Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

And Brian is also fighting for it, hoping to become the first president of the All-American Chinese Chamber of Commerce after the merger.

However, there are two other Chinese Chambers of Commerce that are no less powerful than the New York’s one,

They are namely the Los Angeles Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Chicago Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

How to compete with the presidents of these two Chinese Chambers of Commerce is a recent headache for Brian.

Therefore, he has been thinking of ways to make the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce show more faces.

And enhance its influence before the merger, so that he can pull away from the other two presidents.

Because of this, the Executive Vice President of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce has specifically assigned…

The cooperation of Sara’s concert to the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce made Brian happy.

When he was waiting for Sara to go to the United States,

He did not expect the youngest son of the Fei family, Randal, to take the initiative to approach him.

In the United States, there are two Chinese families that all Chinese chambers of commerce are trying to enlist,

In addition to the world’s top Chinese family, the An family, the other, is the Fei family.

Although the strength of the Fei family is far less than the An family but compared to the other Chinese families in North America,

In terms of a great deal stronger, the An family does not care to participate in this kind of Chamber of Commerce,

The Fei family will also follow the example to play a reserved and exclusive attitude.

Previously, Brian repeatedly wanted to invite Randal’s father, Adam Fei, to dinner, but Mr. Fei has not given him the face.

Now, Randal took the initiative to come to the door, Brian is naturally excited beyond reason,

Totally respectful, invited the young Randal Fei to his office.

As soon as he arrived at the office, he said attentively:

“Oh, I didn’t know that Mr. Fei had come here today, so I’m really sorry for missing the welcome!”

“It’s a great honor for us for you to come to our New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce.”

He introduced himself, “Mr. Fei, my name is Brian Lu, I am the president of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce!”

Randal was very receptive to this kind of compliment, smiled slightly, and said,

“President Lu, I heard that our New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce is the largest Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the United States,”

“And I think President Lu must have made a great contribution to this!”

Brian hurriedly said, “Thank you for your praise, Mr. Fei….. New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce has decades of history,”

“This Chamber, also thanks to the previous presidents, to be able to have today’s achievements.”

Saying that, Brian carefully asked, “Mr. Fei, I wonder what is the reason for your presence here today?”

Randal smiled faintly and said arrogantly,

“I came to see you because I want to do some cooperation with your organization,”

“If the cooperation is pleasant, I can consider representing the Fei family and formally join your Chamber of Commerce!”