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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4225 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4225 Start

“Ninja?” When Jesse heard this, he was a bit stunned for a moment and couldn’t help but ask:

“Young Master Fei, do you know anything about ninjas?”

Randal nodded: “More or less I understand, my father’s people were under the hands of the ninja before,”

“They are said to be quite good.”

Jesse was busy saying, “If there are reliable ninjas, you might as well invite some to New York first,”

“But since they are acting as the executor of the alternative,”

“Until the alternative is launched, we can’t let them know exactly what they are going to do.”

“Yes.” Randal said with a smile, “Don’t worry about this,”

“I’ll arrange it, let them send some top experts over first.”

Saying that Randal added:

“Right Jesse, having the ninjas wait for an opportunity to strike at the hotel is considered our plan B,”

“But in addition to that, we have to think of another plan C, just in case,”

“I think intercepting Sara’s convoy is also a way, you find a way to gather a group of mercenaries,”

“the same as those ninjas, just in case.”

“Okay!” Jesse said without thinking, “Young Master Fei don’t worry, I’ll arrange these!”

Randal nodded in satisfaction and smiled:

“Okay, that’s all for today, it’s late, you rest early, I think Sara will come to the United States in a few days,”

“You simply do not go back to Seattle, these days just live here peacefully.”

Jesse heard this, naturally is eager to, quickly spoke:

“No problem young master Fei, before helping you take care of Sara, I will not leave for the time being.”


At this moment, Charlie had already returned to the hotel in Providence.

Only when Claire saw that he had returned safely did her hanging heart finally get normal.

And then she eagerly asked for some details about his trip to Canada this time.

Charlie did not want her to worry, so he made the seriousness of this matter as weak as possible.

The last thing that came out of his mouth was that the matter was a little bit trivial,

Just that the little girl who sent him a text message reacted a little too aggressively.

Claire listened to Charlie finish, naturally believed all, after all, in her opinion,

Canada is such an old developed country with good security and not as chaotic as the United States,

Xiaofen usually will not offend anyone, naturally can not meet any real danger.

So, this matter was already over in her mind.

The next day, Claire’s master class at Rhode Island School of Design was officially opened.

The news of the new master class had aroused great concern in the design circle,

And the Rhode Island School of Design had also officially announced the list of master class participants.

As the most popular training course in the industry, the master class list has always been a key concern for the industry,

Because according to the usual practice, those who are on the list will become rising stars in the design field in a month’s time.

Claire’s name has also created a lot of attention and discussion in the field of Chinese designers.

This is mainly because, apart from Claire, all the people in this master class are basically already established in the field,

And a casual search on the internet can reveal some successful cases they have completed independently.

Claire is the only one who is basically unknown with no fame at all,

So many Chinese designers are wondering what exactly made Claire get selected for this master class.

This also put a lot of psychological pressure on her, and she could feel the gap between herself and the others in the class,

So from the first day, she worked harder and more seriously than anyone else in the process of listening to the class.

It was also on the day when Claire’s master class started that Randal took the initiative to find…

The president of the New York Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Brian Lu, in order to prepare early.