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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4224 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4224 Start

Jesse then said, “Then you set a time for the dinner to start with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, for example,”

“Just after Sara comes to New York and before the New York concert so that you can make sure that Sara will be in New York during that time and will most likely be able to find time to attend;”

“I presume that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce is now busy with the publicity and docking related to Sara’s concert,”

“But they dare not neglect you even more, so both things will definitely be on the highest level by then;”

“So, you can easily and naturally hear from them, in the process of docking with them, about the Sara concert;”

“You then push the boat, with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to mention, say Miss Gu is the light of the Chinese,”

“If she can appreciate the face, the influence of the auction will certainly also be greatly enhanced,”

“If she can appreciate the face, you personally pledge an additional $ 20 million, when Sara know, the probability is to appreciate the face!”

Here, Jesse said: “Since this charity dinner is initiated by you, the venue should naturally be designated by you,”

“So that we have enough time to prepare the venue, so we can dig a foolproof trap in advance, then as long as we can lure her out, it will be easier to deal with her!”

When Randal heard this, his eyes lit up!

He said with a look of admiration, “Good one to lure the snake out of the hole, wonderful!”

After saying that, he hurriedly asked again, “Jesse, what do you think the chances of her falling for it are?”

Jesse thought about it and said seriously, “I think at least 90%!”

Randal asked, “Why are you so sure?”

Jesse explained, “Young master Fei, think about it, Sara itself is passionate about charity, let’s organize a charity dinner,”

“Is this not the right thing to do? Besides, this kind of thing, the public figure is also a bit of moral kidnapping effect, you usually donate less,”

“Netizens will spray you on the Internet, if you are invited to the charity dinner, you do not even go, you will be scolded to death?”

“I believe that in this matter by the time Sara will probably agree.”

When Randal heard this, he nodded his head with joy and said, “It makes sense, it does make sense!”

“Then I will communicate with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce tomorrow to set the charity dinner!”

Jesse instructed, “Young Master Fei, once this matter is finalized, you must immediately launch a public opinion campaign to let all North American Chinese know about this charity dinner,”

“So that if Sara intends to refuse, the influence of the charity dinner will also put more pressure on her!”

Randal said approvingly, “Jesse, it’s still you! After you said that, I am really fcuking enlightened!”

Jesse said with a smile, “You’re welcome, Master Fei, I’m just a little smart, I can’t be compared with you.”

Randal laughed and asked, “If Sara agrees to attend the charity dinner, how should we proceed?”

Jesse said, “This is much simpler, after Sara comes, we can arrange for her to go to the lounge first,”

“When in the lounge as far as possible by the window, which will have ventilation ducts,”

“I will arrange in advance some trained armed personnel for an ambush, when she enters the lounge,”

“Directly put people down with ecstasy, and then take away from the window or ventilation ducts, unnoticed;”

“By the time other people find her missing, it is bound to cause chaos, you will be normal to go to the police process,”

“The police if they come to investigate, they will ask a few questions.

The bite may be a miscreant has been planning for a long time, the rest let the police to investigate it!”

The police will not be able to find any evidence or clues to interfere, disguise the matter as an ordinary kidnapping for ransom,”

“And then offer a huge ransom to Sara’s family, leading everyone’s judgment to them, so no one will suspect you,”

“After all, the Fei family assets are much more than the Gu family, no one will believe that you will kidnap her for ransom.”

“In this way, we get the money after tearing the ticket, is the normal operation of the robbers;

Can not get the money to tear the ticket, is also the normal operation of the robbers;

At that time, you will deal with her, this life is impossible for anyone to find her, this case is bound to become an unsolved case,

Even if people are concerned for decades, but still remains an unsolved case.”

Randal could not help but laugh: “Wonderful! In this way, Sara goes forever missing, leaving the police such a never solved kidnapping unsolved case,”

“May let the global netizens discuss for decades, and even listed as the top ten unsolved cases in the 21st century, it is interesting to think about!”

After saying that, Randal remembered something and said, “Right Jesse, in case she doesn’t take the bait for the charity dinner, what will happen then?”

Jesse said: “Young master Fei, the program is certainly to develop many kinds of options, this is only one of them,”

“If Sara does not take the bait, then we must also have other alternative programs, just other programs I do not have a good idea for the time being,”

“I am afraid that other programs will be very difficult to implement.”

Speaking of this, Jesse said: “suitable for us to start the opportunity is just a few, one is to do it on the road, one is to do it in the hotel;”

“If we do it on the road, the biggest movement, considering that she must have a lot of security personnel accompanying her,”

“When the time will certainly trigger a gun battle, we must at least be equipped with a large number of automatic weapons to be successful,”

“The difficulty should be much greater than robbing the money truck;”

“If we do it in the hotel, we must do it quietly, preferably under the noses of the security personnel, unknowingly get rid of people ……”

Speaking of which, Jesse smacked his lips and said, “But this kind of thing is too technically demanding …… general people seem to be unable to do ……”

Randal frowned slightly, opened his mouth, and asked, “Do you want to try the Japanese ninja method?”

“Steal chicken and dog this kind of thing, it seems they are the best at it!”