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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4223 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4223 Start

Randal and his grandfather and parents, the family originally lived in the northeast corner of the villa,

But with the old man Douglas being removed from power, his grandfather arranged for his family to move to the central villa.

Where Douglas used to live, and this villa happened to be vacant, so Randal directly asked the housekeeper to receive Jesse here.

The study that originally belonged to Randal’s grandfather had now become Randal’s private domain,

And even his father, who had a great deal of greed, could only give it up to him in pain.

Jesse, led by the housekeeper, quickly arrived at the luxurious study in the mansion of more than a hundred square meters,

At this time Randal is looking at a poster in the study.

This poster is the promotional poster of Sara’s New York concert.

As soon as Jesse came in, he saw the poster, and as soon as Randal saw him, he immediately greeted him enthusiastically,

Patted him on the shoulder with one hand, pointed at the beautiful Sara on the poster with the other hand, and said with a smile:

“Jesse, look, the promotional materials for Sara’s concert have already been made!”

“This is the poster that is not yet officially available, I just got it.”

Jesse was surprised and asked, “Young Master Fei, this poster is not yet on the market, how did you get it? Is there some kind of internal relationship?”

“That’s right!” Randal exclaimed, “You’re smart, I’m telling you, getting a poster is no big deal, but I’ve figured out all her partners in New York for this concert,”

“She came to North America on tour this time, and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the U.S. cooperation is relatively deep,”

“It is said that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce inside a vice president is her father’s friend.”

“All her promotional materials printing and production, are entrusted to a Chinese printer in New York,”

“That person is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, but unfortunately, the Fei family has always despised the Chinese Chamber of Commerce,”

“I have no dealings with them, then find a way to see if I can find the opportunity to get acquainted with her,”

“If you can create a suitable and right time to do it, it would be great!”

Jesse rushed to offer advice: “Young Master Fei, I’m not going to lie, I just did a lot of homework in advance on the plane,”

“I found that woman seems to be very keen on charity, and especially keen on charity projects related to orphans,”

“Before she opened a concert, the relevant income seems to be donated to orphans, so I have a way, you might as well listen to see. “

Randal said excitedly, “Say it!”

Seeing that he had successfully aroused Randal’s interest, Jesse respectfully introduced,

“My idea is for you to take the lead in cooperating with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to organize a charity fundraising dinner in New York,

And you can first take out twenty million dollars as part of the charity fund, and claim that the money will be used exclusively to establish a charity fund.”

Randal nodded, then wiggled his fingers slightly and said, “Continue!”

Jesse then said, “When you publicize, say that this charity fund will be used specifically to improve the living and educational conditions of all Chinese orphans in North America,”

“Although I do not know whether the Chinese Chamber of Commerce is interested in such charitable activities,”

“But you are after all the young master of the Fei family, you can find the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to cooperate,”

“They must be flattered, even if they are not willing to engage in charity,”

“They will certainly actively cooperate with you, so the whole plan up to here will not have any problems.”

“Well, that makes sense.” Randal nodded slightly in agreement and asked, “And then?”