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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4222 Free Novel

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In fact, Randal has also long since given himself a good firewall.

First of all, he was sure that once Jesse was exposed, he would never dare to bite him.

Because once he dares to bite him, then he will definitely put out his whole family.

Although the two are in cahoots and have done a lot of unconscionable things together.

But this does not mean that the two have complete and total comradeship.

On the contrary, the two have always been in balance with each other.

Jesse bets that if something really happens to him, Randal will not dare to ignore it.

Randal gambled that after Jesse’s accident, if he really can’t get him back, then he definitely would not dare sell him.

For Jesse, it is also true.

He knew very well in his heart that after the accident, as long as he bites the bullet and does not speak,

Randal was afraid that he would leave a backhand and would definitely try to help.

If Randal really tries his best, but still can not help, then they certainly can not sell him out, after all, their family is still alive.

Randal has long been prepared, once Jesse is defeated, he will be the first time to set aside everything involved,

They are just college classmates, although the relationship is good, but that’s all.

He did not know about his hookups from the beginning to the end, not to mention his involvement.

Others can not get evidence, naturally will not suspect things to his head.

Jesse’s heart of course is also very clear, the reason he said so, is just to take the opportunity to Randal to show loyalty.

When he saw that Randal insisted on having his butler come to pick him up, he said,

“Young Master Fei, in that case, then you can send a helicopter over, I’ll wait in the hangar.”

Randal usually returns to New York, after landing at the airport, he transfers to a helicopter to go home.

This set is a routine operation for him, so when he heard this, he didn’t think much about it and immediately said, “Wait, I’ll talk to the butler.”

Twenty minutes later, a Bell helicopter landed in front of Jesse’s hangar.

Only then did Jesse walk out of the hangar through the night and quickly boarded the helicopter.

The helicopter’s engine didn’t even turn off, it directly accelerated and left the airport, the whole process only took two to three minutes.

After the helicopter took off, it flew directly to the Long Island area in eastern New York.

Long Island, one of the most famous wealthy areas in the United States, and Manhattan,

The kind of inch of the bustling downtown but because far from the city, seems very quiet.

Moreover, the Long Island area has the best beaches in New York, and almost all of the wealthy areas here are top estates built on the coastline,

And the Fei family’s estate, which covers even more than three hundred hectares,

Not only has a kilometer-long private beach, but even has its own golf course.

In this manor, there are five oversized villa buildings alone, each of which is comparable to a luxury hotel.

This manor, Jesse had the privilege to come several times, but each time he gets deeply shocked.

Other than that, the villa on the edge of the golden coast of Long Island alone, the price of land has been ridiculously high,

Now in a similar location, buy a hectare of land, the price is tens of millions of dollars,

Not to mention the oversized manor of more than two hundred hectares.

The scarcity of such top luxury mansions can no longer be replicated in areas like Long Island.

If you really put this estate up for sale, without tens of billions of dollars, it is really not even possible to think about it.

If the manor to the developer, at least to create two or three hundred sets of top luxury super villas, easily accommodate thousands of elite society.

And it is such a huge top luxury manor, just for the Fei family but a few dozen people,

Such a top living experience, if you look at the United States can easily rank it in the top five.

The five sets of villas in the manor division are also very elaborate, the largest of which is located in the middle of the villa,

While the other four sets, respectively, are located in the northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest of the four corners.