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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4221 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4221 Start

Joseph’s words did not surprise Charlie.

He knew very well that the United States was not the territory of the Cataclysmic Front,

And that the large team of the Cataclysmic Front was in the Middle East, so it was impossible to have a stronghold around this place.

What’s more, New York is after all an international metropolis,

The civilian airport JFK Kennedy International Airport alone has a throughput of at least tens of millions a year,

Trying to find a person from a single day’s more than 200,000 passenger traffic, the difficulty can be imagined.

What’s more, this Jesse is likely to use the privileged channel to leave the airport, so it is even more impossible to track.

So, it was almost inevitable that he would lose track of him for the time being.

So Charlie spoke: “Joseph, you don’t have to blame yourself too much,”

“This kind of thing is perfectly normal, I can understand.”

I can understand.” Saying that, Charlie added: “Now that he has run to New York,”

“He is probably looking for asylum with his superior, so he should not come out again in the next few days to do harm.

Joseph immediately assured, “Mr. Wade don’t worry, I will definitely set up a net in New York,”

“As long as he dares to show up, we will absolutely complete the control at the first time!”

“Good!” Charlie said: “You must have had a hard time running back and forth these few days,”

“Take a good rest in New York for two days first, we will contact you again if there is anything.”

“Okay Mr. Wade, I’ll have someone keep an eye on the airport so that the kid doesn’t play any tricks.”


At this moment, New York JFK International Airport.

Jesse’s Boeing business jet had been parked in the hangar for two hours.

The plane was driven all the way into the hangar from the time it landed, but after the plane stopped, the cabin door never opened.

Jesse sat in the plane and kept staring at the time on his watch.

Originally he had promised Randal that he would tell him when the plane took off, but he never contacted him from the beginning to the end.

The reason he did so was to make a time difference.

Jesse was smart, he could tell from his brother’s corpse that his brother had experienced the mysterious man’s severe torture,

That was done to extract a confession before he died, and that his brother must have confessed everything he knew.

Otherwise, as long as the other side has not yet gotten the information they want,

Even if they cut him into human swine, they will definitely leave him alive and not let him die.

Although the brother did not know much inside information, but he would have at least given him up.

This also means that his identity has been exposed in front of the mystery man.

And in his own haste, he flew from Seattle to New York, and it was impossible to cover up this journey.

So he was worried that the other side had already set up control at JFK airport in advance, just waiting for him to show up.

So, he deliberately delayed for two hours.

During these two hours, he sat on the plane and searched the Internet for all information related to Sara.

At this moment, he saw that two hours had passed, and did not rush to get off the plane,

But took out his cell phone and called Randal.

Once the call came through, Randal asked, “Jesse, you didn’t wait until now to take off, did you?”

Jesse hurriedly said, “Sorry, Young Master, I didn’t tell you when I took off earlier,”

“But I’m actually in New York and I’m still at the airport.”

“Arrived?” Randal said with some displeasure, “Fcuk, I told you to tell me in advance so I could have the butler hurry to pick you up, why didn’t you say hello?”

Jesse said flatteringly, “Young master, don’t be angry, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to cause you any trouble,”

“I think, after all, I am the actual operator of these things, in case others know that I am here, it will be more or less risky for you.”

Randal who does not know Jesse really has been exposed, he thought Jesse’s reason why he is so cautious, is to better protect his privacy,”

“So just now the dissatisfaction also instantly dissipated clouds, said smilingly:

“Jesse, you kid for so many years the biggest advantage has been the caution, so Sara’s this matter, in my mind, it is only you who can help me achieve the purpose!”

“The two of us are university classmates, this relationship is written in both of our files, who want to check and find something,”

“You now come to New York to see me, to my home for a few days, anyone who knows will not have any suspicion.”