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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4220 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4220 Start

Since it is to weave such a large net, naturally it needs a certain amount of time to slowly prepare,

So the time to close the net will naturally not be too soon.

In this way, when Sara arrives in New York, there may not be enough time for Charlie to close the net.

In that case, Sara would be in some danger.

So, Charlie hurriedly asked her: “Sara, can the time of your performance be pushed back a bit?”

“It’s better to wait for half a month before going to New York.”

“No, Charlie.” Sara explained, “The performance time has already been set,”

“And the organizers in the United States have already started to produce promotional materials,”

“And they have even started the pre-sale of concert tickets,”

“So in this case it is definitely impossible to change the time at will.”

While saying so, Sara busily asked: “Charlie, do you do not want to see me ah?”

“Or is it inconvenient to see me on your side? I can continue to disguise myself as your feng shui client,”

“Even if you are still the same as last time, bring her along to see my concert, I will not be exposed ……”

Charlie hurriedly explained, “I don’t mean that …… I just heard that that place in New York is not very peaceful ……”

Sara heard this explanation, said with a smile:

“Oh, Charlie, you are a little worried about the United States, whatever I do,”

“My overall trip is in public, and is in the more economically developed, more stable security area activities,”

“And there is the United States side of the security team, there will be no danger, you can rest assured!”

Seeing this, Charlie also knew that it was difficult for him to make Sara’s entire tour plan readjusted with a couple of words,

So he could only accept this reality and instructed,

“Sara, then you must remember to tell me in advance before you leave for the United States,”

“And don’t give me any surprises, only then can I be completely at ease, got it?”

Sara said without thinking, “I know Charlie, don’t worry!”

“When the date of my departure is set, I will tell you first!”

“Good ……”

Charlie repeatedly instructed her before ending the call between the two.

And the first thing he did after hanging up the phone was to immediately call Joseph.

As soon as the call came through, he asked, “Joseph, have you arrived in New York yet?”

Joseph respectfully said, “Back to Mr. Wade, my plane just landed at New York JFK airport.”

Charlie asked again, “Where is that Jesse?”

Joseph said, “Back to Mr. Wade, Jesse’s plane landed two hours earlier than mine.”

Saying that, he was ashamed to say, “Sorry Mr. Wade, after I knew that Jesse went to New York,”

“I pulled off a few female warriors from Providence to go to the New York airport urgently to squat,”

“Intending to follow Jesse to see where he was going and which people he was going to meet after landing,”

“But my people never saw Jesse leave the airport.”

Charlie frowned and asked, “Two hours and still not out of the airport, not likely, right?”

Joseph said, “I also think it is unlikely, so I think that it is not that Jesse did not leave the airport,”

“But we lost the people so he probably did not leave the airport through normal channels.”

Charlie asked him, “You mean, someone picked him up directly from inside the airport?”

“Yes!” Joseph explained: “The United States side of the capital privilege is very much,”

“Directly drive into the airport to pick up people, or even directly fly a helicopter into the airport to pick up people.”

“It is very normal if Jesse is using one of these two ways to leave the airport,”

“For my people, it is really hard to detect,”

“Especially the manpower is not enough, and JKF airport passenger traffic is too large ……”

He continued with shame: “Mr. Wade, your subordinate in this matter did not do a good job,”

“Also please blame me! But don’t worry, I have already started to transfer manpower to New York,”

“As long as Jesse dares to show up, we will definitely find him out!”